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08/16/2004 - Layla Jade 3 Scenes - 346 Photos - 40 Minutes Video
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I thought it was a good day when sooper sexy porn star Layla Jade agreed to do a SSM shoot, but when the shoot was done, it ended up being one of the greatest days of my life...the British blonde begins tied on a bed with her clothes on...ropes constrict her luciously-huge breasts and her mini skirt creeps up as she sincerely struggles...Dustin comes to confront his helpless hostage as he slowly removes her clothes, manhandles and spanks her...Layla is sobbing by the end of the scene, but her day of torment has just begun..Layla is spread on the bed with her hands tied to her thighs and a posture collar around her neck which is tied off to the feet of the bed....Dustin makes Layla suck a dildo, and when she spits it out, he ties it into her mouth lengthwise...the horror grows for Layla as Dustin spreads her perfect pussy with a Lip Loop...six clothespins attatched to her labia which are pulled out and kept under tension by elastic cord...Dustin then applies pegs to her he breasts and enjoys her helpless moans and plays with her exposed the final scene, Layla is hung by her ankles...Dustin first uses a set of steel balls...he pushes them into her ass hole and teases her until he is ready to bring out the vibrator and finally give poor Layla captive Ogre has his own fun with her...Layla is gagged and stands in the center of the room with her hands tied above her head...Ogre enters with a flogger and uses it on her ass and breasts as he pushes her around, manhandles and gropes her up and down...He ties her feet together and pulls her up on her toes...then he leaves her all stetched out and the next scene, Layla is frogtied in a chair...she contemplates her situation as she talks to herself before Ogre enters to gag her with duct tape...he gets right to business applying TENS pads to her outer pussy...he wires her up and begins to shock her...he uses small strips of tape to cover her eyes before he sets up the vibrator on a stand...he pushes it onto her clit and leaves her there to be shocked and vibed...

Members comments:
03 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: Gallery one is like the Dukes of Hazzard......only better (Layla beats Daisy ANY TIME!) :¬] MORE PLEASE! 10/10!!!!!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice resistance!

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