Layla Rivera Updates

08/15/2007 - Layla Rivera 5 Scenes - 305 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
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Layla is back and hotter than ever as the Pope leads her into the first scene...she is tied, collared, leashed and the Pope makes her hop as her beautiful big breasts bounce up and down...the Pope takes her down to the floor where he spanks and whips her ass...Layla is feeling defiant today and it shows...the Pope holds her down and holds the vibrator on her...with lack of results, he ties a rope through her cunt and pulls her up by her the next scene, we rig Layla upside down with her ass in the air...the Pope whips her, then uses a dildo to fuck her pussy...then we sit her on a table and tie her legs wide apart...the Pope uses a violet wand to shock her clit and cunt...then Layla is suspended on her side with her legs pulled open...dildo fucking, nipple suction, and Layla holds the vibrator on herself and struggles through a big the final scene, Layla is tied to our steel wheel...the Pope spins her around before using clover clamps on her pussy and cunt lips...he adds wieghts, then decorates the rest of her body with wooden pegs...he lifts the wheel into the air and leaves her in pain...

Members comments:
29 Mar 2008 yasu wrote: Layla I like you. Her leg is beautiful.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great breasts! Perfect! The spread sitting scene is awesome! The rest is great!

15 Sep 2007 perv wrote: Your best shoot for many years : nice model & clover clamps on tits => good

25 Aug 2007 Ogre wrote: About Electricity...Watching a scene involving a TENS unit is all about the model's reactions and it is hard to show the physical effects of what is happening. If you watch the Skyler Blake update from 5/23/07 we use the pads on her ass and we turn it up high enough to that you can see her muscles cramping. With many models, we do not get to turn the unit up that high, and using it on large muscle groups always gives a better result.

22 Aug 2007 QDMGcu wrote: Please have more video of the tying and gag applying, especially the model adding her own gag. You could make that a trade-mark. Each model has to gag herself to start every set!

21 Aug 2007 Deepcity wrote: Just a note on electricity, I have often thought, This is perhaps more fun for the model than it is for us to watch. Yes she screams but is anything really happening? Is it possible to set your little box to short rhythmic bursts so we can see a rhythmic twitch or am I just too cruel

20 Aug 2007 Ogre wrote: Good Question...Ball gags don't really muffle much at all and Im not sure if they were ever meant to...To me, Ball gags are humiliating, Ball gags look hot as they make a slave look more helpless, Ball gags cause drooling which is my opinion, Ball gags are bondage for the it's not really about noise at all...

20 Aug 2007 Galaxy wrote: Why a ball gag? seems they all scream as loud with one as they do without

16 Aug 2007 Ogre wrote: Well said...yes, I think we can give that a try with the right model.

16 Aug 2007 Droc wrote: Hey, just wondering if this is even possible. Not that big of a fan of the tens pads... But I Loooove watching them little Bitched get their Nipples and Tender little Twat lips JACKED up by some good ole Lectricity'. Would it be possible to Punish one of theese sweet sluts with the Electric Nipple clamps,(make her scream and squirm for a bit...) Then add a set of Electric Pussy lip Clamps (Too her outer lips... Make her Scrrrreeeeaaaammmm some more...)Then add a Second set of Electric Pussy lip clamps to her Inner lips ( Now Shes gonna start Bucking and Crying!) And Finnally shove one of thoose Electrified Dildos into her nearly Smoking Snatch and Juice her little love box untill she Cums like a Hurricane, or she Begs and pleades and crys and whimpers and asks ever so nicely for the Vibrator to finish her off.... Dammit that would be Hot to see her face as each new level of Electricity hit hit Snatch! I would Loooove to watch her Squirm and Beg for you to stop as her poooor poooor Pussy suffered from all those nasty shocks! And then being forced to Cum by herself, or beg you to "Do" her as she suffered from her Nipples to Her Outer Lips, her terrribly teeeender Inner Lips, and her poooor pooor dripping little Fuck Hole! Like I said... Just wondering if that would be possible.... Mmmmm, just wondering....

02/17/2007 - Layla Rivera 5 Scenes - 213 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

The lovely Layla is back at SSM and she has always been as tough as she is sexy...and in her third shoot with us, we step it up a notch with very uncomfortable restraints, electricity and many orgasms...She begins standing up in stocks...her feet are tied apart and the Pope may be the luckiest man on earth as he enters to rub that moist pussy...he undresses her and spanks her ass, then we turn her around to get a good look as he flogs her...then it's facing the camera again as he uses the magic wand to make her the next scene, we sit her on her ass and lock her feet into stocks which keep her legs spread...her wrists and neck are still locked in and we tilt the stocks back to keep her exposed and helpless...After using a knitting needle to poke and prod her tits, feet and pussy, he begins to rig her up with electric pads...on the pussy and both feet, as well as electric clamps on her nipples...he turns up the current on all the items and leaves Layla on the verge of laughter and screams...then her fucks her pussy with a dildo and leaves her to be continuously the next scene we lock her wrists and ankles into a single stock along the floor...this keeps her fully bent over when she isn't squatting to rest her thighs...he flogs her ass red and uses a cane to finish her off...then we rig her upside downand spread...clamps on the tits and a dildo shoved in her pussy...he uses the magic wand again for screaming orgasms and leaves a steel hook in her pussy with weights hanging the last scene, we decide to test her orgasmic we rig her into our spreading chair...her body is fully roped down and she is quite helpless and the Pope uses on peg on each nipple...then the vibrator is rigged into place and poor Layla is left blindfolded and gagged to the mercy of the vibrating wand, which of course, has many orgasms do you count?

Members comments:
04 Jul 2016 BigRay516 wrote: Why cant i download this???????

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great update! Second scene is the best! Boy she has perfect breasts!

05/24/2006 - Audrey Leigh, Layla Rivera 3 Scenes - 335 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Audrey and Layla star in this bondage-sex fantasy...Master Matt orders a couple hot submissives with a discipline problem from the local slave farm...he doesnt dig the broken slaves, he doesnt dig the "you will do as i say slaves"...he likes the girls who like it rough...he likes the girls who like to fight...These girls dont get much of a chance for a fight though...he brings them into the dungeon bound to a rolling rack...Layla on top and Audrey on bottom...Matt is a caring Dom...he likes to give the girls a bit of pleasure before he gets he rigs a vibrator to each of their pussies and adds a clothespin to each of their nipples...the girls are gagged, but there's no mistaking the orgasms after he switches on the vibrators and leaves them both to their own fantasies...Matt moves the slaves...this time each slave is bound on her tummy...stacked tightly, the slaves' heads stick out from the rack and Matt takes to opportunity to begin his own pleasure...he face fucks both of the slaves, making sure they gag on his cock over and the fnal scene, the girls are tied side by side...their asses stick out and Matt has some fun spanking them before getting on top and fucking them...he goes from one slave to the other...fucking one pussy and then the the end, Matt cums and gives both girls a splatter on their ass...

All three of these performers are paid actors and actresses...The entire shoot was planned and the girls were completely aware of each scene and the activities involved...We all had a great time during the production and I want to thank Audrey, Layla and Matt for making such hot fucking bondage scenes for us...

Members comments:
25 Sep 2012 bob wrote: Genius work! perfect clip in my eyes all my favourite things for a good bondage vid, this one had it all...more like this please!

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: Scene #3 (Layla and Audrey on the bed) is one of my favorite Society SM scenes! Outstanding erotic-domination... I love the helplessness of both collared damsels as their master spanks both, removes one's blindfold, takes his pleasure with one, re-blindfolds her, un-blindfolds the other and takes his pleasure with her, then re-blindfolds her. As a rule, I dislike blindfolds, but this one is an exception.

16 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Got BANG

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Almost like the fuckingdungeon! And the cumshot is great! Not the running around mouth cumshot style! GREAT!

25 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: The update script is fucking up. We hope to have it fixed soon so all the links will is the link to the last video page...Thanks

15 Jul 2007 Philher wrote: What happened to the video on the 3rd scene of the bed fuck? Great shoot. Loveto see these tied up face down, ass in the air shoots. Try some packed cloth cleve gags and enema bags.

09 Jun 2007 anonymous wrote: I know im late, but im new. How could you not have video of that last scene?

02/17/2006 - Layla Rivera 3 Scenes - 204 Photos - 26 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Mister Manson makes his debut as an SSM dom with long, lean and lovely Layla as his first submissive slave girl...not a bad way to start...Manson rigs her to our spanking bench with her legs spread, he neck tied down and her ass up in the air...Layla struggles to move but soon finds that she isn't going anywhere...Manson enters and immediatley inspects her perfect pussy...he rubs it...he fingers it...then he gags her for a good spanking...with her ass warmed up and her pussy wet, Manson uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her through orgasms...He carries Layla into the black room over his shoulder...her hands are tied in front and her ankles are tied together...on the ground, Layla fights to keep his hands off of her, but Manson holds her down well anmd gropes her tits and ass...he gets a good grip and spanks her before standing her up...he pulls her hands over head and stretches her onto her toes...he applies clamps to her nipples and tugs at the chain...then a steel hook is slid into her pussy and tied off to her collar...In the last scene, Layla is tied to a chair with her legs spread...Manson rigs a vibrator between her legs and leaves her there to have mulitple, helpless orgasms...

Members comments:
27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Different to the ones before, but as you know, variations are good!

12/31/2005 - Brandy Laine, Layla Rivera 3 Scenes - 271 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

The last update of 2005 begins with Layla and Max the first photo set, Layla puts on a school girl outfit and poses with Max...It's not long before Max grabs her and gropes her...he bends her over and strips her..he ties her hands behind her back with her own top..We put Layla in some thigh highs and hang her from her ankles...then we use black belts to secure her arms and we leave Layla to Max's whims...Max enters and begins to feed her his cock...he takes her by the head and face fucks her...he uses a vibrating dildo to fuck her pussy as he continues to ram his cock down her throat...then he breaks out the jaw spreaders...two clamps hold either side of Layla's mouth wide open...Max stands back to watch her struggle as he jacks off...He begins to fuck her face again, and soon Layla's face is covered with his semen...

The second half of this update features Brandy Laine with Ian Rath...Brandy starts out in a red dress...Ian gets Brandy to dance for him as he sits back to smoke...he directs her onto her hands and knees and Ian spanks her ass...Brandy has to lick his boots before being given the opportunity to play with herself...Rath breaks out a large, black, inflatable dildo and makes Brandy suck it before it's back on her hands and knees to be fucked to orgasm with it...Brandy is told to take off her dress, and she does...she is then tied with her hands above her head... Rath uses a flogger and a single tail whip on her ass, breasts and back...Brandy is untied and directed to lay on the ground with her legs spread and Ian whips her pussy...Rath then allows Brandy to touch herself and cum as he plays with her huge tits...

Members comments:
21 Nov 2018 lugnut69 wrote: Yes - where are the videos?????

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Almost the fuckingdungeon again!

06 Aug 2007 hangemup wrote: Ah, the Hostel part II pose, is there any finer way to see a hot young girl displayed.. ready for anything?

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: The single Layla video for this update in in gallery 3, and the Brandy video can be found at

15 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: WHERE FU...are the Videos???????????

12/08/2005 - Layla Rivera 3 Scenes - 276 Photos - 29 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Layla dresses her fine body up in a super-sexy, red and black outfit with hose and garters...she looks absolutely awesome as Ogre box-ties her hands behind her back...he ties her ankles and lays her on the table, then he hogties and gags her...the video begins with Layla tied and laying on her tummy...a wedge keeps her ass high in the air, and her ankles, thighs and neck are all tethered to the table so she must lay still...Ogre enters and begins to spank her ass...then a flogger...then a dildo-on-a-stick is used to fuck her from behind while he simultaneously flogs her...Ogre leaves Layla with the dildo stuck in her the next scene, Layla is completely naked and tied spread-eagle, standing...the spreader bar between her ankles is a t-bar that impales her pussy...Ogre enters and gropes her helpless body...he tightens the rig and pulls her up onto her tip toes...then her flogs her tits and pussy, her ass and back, fingering and groping her as he wishes...tight clamps are added to her nipples and Ogre continues the flogging...he adds weights to her nipple chains...he leaves a vibrator tied to her pussy and blindfolds her...Layla has intense the next scene, Ogre prepares layla in a tight and uncomfortable tie...hogtied with legs spread, and hair pulled back to keep her head up...then Layla gets a treat...we let Max Hardcore loose with her...all tied up and helpless...Max enters and begins by taunting and slapping Layla...he goes right for her pussy...he slaps and spanks it with one hand while checking out her mouth with the's not long before Max pulls out his hard cock and shoves it into Layla's open mouth...he face fucks her...Layla gags and spits and Max just keeps it up...he puts his belt around her neck and fucks her face some more...Max isn't done with Layla and the following scene will be posted later this month...By the way, Max and Layla have performed together a number of times and both enjoyed shooting these scenes very much...thank god for super hot chics who like it rough...

Members comments:
26 May 2008 Battle wrote: I love this shoot, particularly the white socks!

27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: A little bit like fuckingdungeon! Great!

25 Aug 2007 loveeeit wrote: such an amazing shoot.

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