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01/02/2008 - Lexi Belle 5 Scenes - 557 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
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A picture of innocence, Lexi Belle has a wonderful, sexy and petite way about her. She is rather new to bondage and this was her first shoot for DungeonCorp©. After we get Lexi out of her clothes and gaze upon her lovely body, we have her bound and gagged and ready for The Pope... When The Pope enters he begins to grope and paw at Lexi's perfect little body. As Lexi whimpers, The Pope pulls out his flogger and pelts her torso then, her ass with it. Next, poor Lexi holds the magic wand while her Master clamps her nipples. Then, The Pope pummels her cunt with the wand until lovely Lexi grunts out an orgasm. The Pope then strings Lexi up from the rafters and leaves her there to wriggle... Lexi is now tied to the horse. Her body is flogged and she whimpers in submission. The Pope then applies TENS pads to her pelvis and electric clamps to her nipples and turns up the heat. As the electricity flows to Lexi's body, The Pope flogs her a bit more and cranks up the juice until Lexi reaches her limits. A vibrator is smashed up against her sopping clit and she cums explosively... Next, we watch as The Pope deftly ties Ms. Belle bent over to a wooden post. Once he has her in the exact position he wants her, he stuffs her pussy with a rubber dong. Lexi moans in painful pleasure as her Master pumps her cunt with the dong and she returns the favor by grinding her sweet little pussy on the dildo. The Pope leaves the rubber cock in her cunt and returns to flogging her little body. Then, with her cunt still stuffed, the magic wand is applied and Lexi is coerced into an ear shattering orgasm. Next, Lexi is tied in the crane position. She squirms and wriggles as The Pope rakes the violet wand across her naked skin. Then, the rubber dong is stuffed back inside her and suction applied to her nipples. The Pope viciously takes a cane to her body before he begins mercilessly flogging her again. Next the G5 is wheeled in and Lexi heaves and cums... In our final scene, Lexi is tied spreadeagle to some steel poles. The Pope ties her nipples then clips them in clothespins. Then, he uses the spreader to open Lexi's pussy wide. As Lexi drools uncontrollably, The Pope vibe and dong fucks her to one final mind bending orgasm.

Members comments:
26 Jan 2010 ock wrote: Love to see her sweat. If I was there I will like her dry

09 Aug 2008 J.T. wrote: Lexi Belle certainly defines "Cutie-hottie"!

04 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: this site has got everything I was looking for.........thanks!

02 Feb 2008 loaded wrote: She kinda reminds me of Scarlett Johansen...really really hot with a cute voice too

26 Jan 2008 Chance wrote: Wow... love the tears on this one... she is really getting into it.

19 Jan 2008 Droc wrote: Such a sweeeet sweeet girl! I really enjoyed the set with her on the Horse, when she is shocked all the way to tears, then allowed to Cum! I wonder for a moment..."Is it wrong to enjoy seeing her Tormented to Tears???" Then I watch her explode into orgasm.. "Naw, I think see will be Just Fine... Just Fine...". I am so glad that your site does not follow petty rules that some others do, I think allowing the tears is a way to show real emotion, spanking sites show models crying all the time... Why should we be denied the same pleasure? I would still like to see a "Bad Girl" get the evil little electric clamps applied to her tender little inner libia... How about then next time you use the ring of clothespins you give them little inner lips a little shot of Juice? I think you might free up a few more tears... MMMMmmmmmmm.

05 Jan 2008 Ogre wrote: Once again our script is having problems displaying the last gallery...this only occurs in the members area...we will fix this as soon as possble, until then, you can see the last gallery here

05 Jan 2008 Mr Roper wrote: Yes please where is gallery 10? They're all great but that one looks to be the best of the bunch.

05 Jan 2008 Holopherne wrote: Where is the gallery with Magic wand on her pussy presented in the preview gallery ?

04 Jan 2008 HuskerDu wrote: Man oh man, what a cutie! It must have taken all the will power in the world to untie her. The last scene with her feet tied to the poles was fucking amazing, especially that last long orgasm. She'll be soon?

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