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07/13/2011 - Lily Lasciel 4 Scenes - 219 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
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Whatever forces, dark or light, that brought Lily to me, should be praised...and those forces started their task long ago...Lily is a natural power player...having fantasies of bondage, control and submission throughout her entire sexual life...she has the intelligence and confidence of a seasoned submissive...and still enjoys the deep exploration of her own limits...that, and a sincere interest in fetish modelling brought her to me...either way, she came ready to play...and so did I...wrists roped, gagged and pulled up onto her toes, her body is stretched out as I whip her ass...dragons tails and I bind her legs...a tight crotchrope and wieghted nipple she's deep in it...and all mine...I decide to lay her down and spread her allows her some comfort which allows me time to slow down and really enjoy myself...the ropes are tight and I go to work on her pussy and electric plug fills each and I turn up the current...she's never felt this before and it's apparent...I add a fuck stick and vibrator and Lily cums only takes a moment to touch the wand to her clit again and she cums again...that's fun...of course I exploit can see girls faking this kinda thing week in and week out at other sites...Lily is the real deal and it is much more rare than some folks would have you believing...I bend her over...she's had enough fun...whips, tails, floggers, canes...all the while, holding increasingly larger butt plugs in her expanding rectum...then I tie in the anal hook...rig it to her hair and give it a good the final scene, I spread lilly out again...this time with each wrist tied to each ankle...after her orgasms start, it's so easy to get them going again...we play flogger or vibrator...she chooses back and forth, withstanding as much as possible...both torments getting the best of her, I continue until she's exhausted...Lily gets a good amount of pleasure today, but her punishments follow suit...we dont want to spoil this one...she'll be back...Ogre... ShootID: LIL_070811

Members comments:
07 Aug 2011 NameJohn wrote: Please get Lily back into the Dungeon soon. A great new slave hope to see more of her.

02 Aug 2011 Lord Byron wrote: Very good. The flogging clip was a real turn on except there was far too much concentration on the fanny and not enough on the whole body and facial reactions. How exciting is a fanny ! Full body and face show more reaction, fannies are just plain dull !

29 Jul 2011 provost wrote: Let me add my applause to others: Lily is a beautiful, sensual, playful young woman, and we are fortunate indeed that she has chosen to play with DC. Encore, please!!

19 Jul 2011 Sexorcist wrote: The submission just oozes. Her screams are particularly sincere. Very good

19 Jul 2011 Phoenix wrote: Great shoot...

18 Jul 2011 horney wrote: She really is "natural." No tats that I can see and great tits and pussy. Need to see more of her soon.

16 Jul 2011 MrJohnson wrote: Lily has great skin for the reddening. The extended flogging scene was very erotic.

15 Jul 2011 Saturn Sub wrote: Can I just say something? Ogre is what a Dom should be! When he takes control it can be subtle or very direct but he always seems to have control over his subbies. He has the confidence and presence that demands respect and he is definitely the most intimidating looking Master! When those beefy forearms start whipping I wet myself! LOL

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