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11/24/2010 - Lisa Marie 4 Scenes - 112 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
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I met Lisa at our studio after a referral from a friend brought her to us...She is a very cute girl with a long, lean, perfect body...I was ready to book her when I looked her up and down...I rarely get to meet models before we shoot them, so I thought it nice to sit down and watch footage with her...She was very interested...she very sincerely wanted to give it a try...So, after more discussion, I decided to book her first shoot on SocietySM...Why book this sweet, young newbie on our toughest rope site? For the same reason I throw aerosol cans into open campfires...some call it rebelliousness....some call it seeking destruction...I just call it good, clean and loud fun...Lisa is very submissive, but she remained aware enough to safe word on some whipping in the first scene...after I had stripped her and strung her the second scene, we had a break could say that Lisa learned how tough she can be...and maybe she found a previsouly unknown release in the last two scenes I turn up the intensity and Lisa hangs with me through back bending bondage and tough impact...I give her a second chance to cum at the end of the shoot and she squirts through one, long, well-deserved orgasm...Ogre ShootID: LIS_111610

Members comments:
16 Dec 2010 Ogre wrote: Hey Robert, I was just taking a long vacation from Domming...but Im back and lovin it...thanks :)

29 Nov 2010 Robert wrote: Ogre handles his models nearly perfectly! The question is, why has he been off the sites for so long?

28 Nov 2010 David wrote: A fantastic body on this girl.

27 Nov 2010 RemY wrote: The last 3 models have been great. Keep up the good work!

25 Nov 2010 provost wrote: Encore! Encore!! What a lithe and lovely young lady, with such lean, strong legs and high-arched feet! I hope she returns for further exploration of her submissive side. Congrats to all!!

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