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07/19/2004 - Lisa Tyler 2 Scenes - 86 Photos - 26 Minutes Video
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Lisa's abduction continues in the first scene as she is bent for some harsh whipping, spanking, caning and breast slapping...wearing a very small, blue bikini she is cuffed with her arms pulled high into the air behind her back...Ogre enters and removes her top...he pushes her around and starts with a cane...he moves on to a flogger as he pulls Lisa around by the hair...he places her in a headlock to keep her still as he swings the whip...In the final video scene, Lisa is tied spread eagle...Ogre removes her bottoms, leaving her helpless and naked...after a bit more whipping between her legs, she is gagged and blindfolded...Ogre uses a hitachi to vibrate her takes a good long time, but after struggles and whines, Lisa climaxes..the last two sets are photo only and feature Lisa in a one-piece, black vinyl outfit...she is roped against a pole, then blindfolded and gagged with latex strips...then a hogtie on the ground, wearing a ball-gag head harness...

Members comments:
25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Hot woman! Nice body! Perfect ass!

05 Mar 2011 johneck wrote: rm is pretty well awful quality and you KNOW that you have put this video elsewhere in wmv format (on other sites) so why the poor quality on the original site??

10 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: L-O-V-E-D the black kinky boots and skimpy outfit.......a pity there are no more galleries of Lisa as she is very beautiful!! Could there be more pics with the slaves bound & gagged in sexy outfits before the REAL BDSM begins as I find this VERY tantalising indeed!!? & maybe a video of the girls talking & smiling about the shoot afterwards (this is really sexy to see a little bit of the model just being feels like you get to 'know' her just a little bit) and flirting a bit? Just a short film.

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good punishment!

06/21/2004 - Lisa Tyler 2 Scenes - 164 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
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Not only does Lisa Tyler have a body of perfection and an angel face, she thoroughly enjoys bondage and has masochistic tendencies...which all adds up to some very hot footage in this SSM update...Held up at an East Bay dungeon, the first photo set features Lisa being tied by West...he applies a breast harness and prepares her to be suspended on the St. Andrews cross...She is gagged with a ball-gag head-harness and Ogre enters to torture her...he begins by flogging her tummy and between her spread legs...after removing her panties, he applies TENS unit pads around her pussy and turns up the current...then nasty nipple clamps and he adds the second scene, Lisa is helpless in blue vet wrap...placed in a chain cage, she is lifted from the ground and stumbles in the cage as Ogre spins her...then the violet wand finds its away around her supple flesh...In the last scene, Lisa's ankles are placed into wooden stocks...her arms are tied behind and lifted up for ass spanking access...a tight crotch rope and nipple clamps finish this installment of Lisa's torment...Lisa's dungeon experience continues in the first photo set as she is roped up by West...a breast harness and crotchrope pin her arms against her sides...Lisa poses and shows off her exotic hard body and beautiful breasts...then Lisa is tied down to a bondage table...her ankles are tied to her inner thighs which leaves her loins open...a big purple ball gag keeps her silent as Ogre enters to grope her as she lay helpless and immobile...a vibrator is tied into place and Lisa begins to writhe as the buzzing begins to give her pleasure...she tenses as orgasmic waves come over her senses..a blindfold is added and Lisa is the final scene, Lisa submits to Ogre as he tapes her mouth closed....her hands are tied behind her back and ankles together...Ogre directs her onto her stomach, then pulls her hands up behind her...her feet are pulled into the air and Lisa recieves one last spanking...

Members comments:
15 Dec 2011 JoeShmoe wrote: Whatever happened to this gorgeous lady?! That's a crying shame she got away--one of my all-time favorites! You nailed the description--"a body of perfection and an angel face"--dead on. Lisa is one of those rare beauties that I can't think of anything to improve on. Great set!

25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Liked the way the rough rope was cutting in between her ass cheeks and pussy lips!

07 Jan 2009 reddog116 wrote: This set is awesome!!! Any chance of getting the videos in .wmv or .mov formats? .rm pretty much sucks.

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The vibrator action is very nice!

01/17/2004 - Lisa Tyler 2 Scenes - 83 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

This update features lucious Lisa Tyler in part one of a two part abduction fantasy...wearing street clothes, Lisa is tied and carried into the scene...Ogre sets her down and goes right to work, fondling and undressing her...he unbuttons her shirt, pulls down her jeans and torments her verbally with promises of never seeing her loved ones again...he unties her and commands her to undress...still gagged, Lisa whimpers in the corner and disrobes anxiously...Ogre enters with a chloroform cloth and soon Lisa is limp and lifeless...he puts her on the table and ties her hands and feet with leather straps...then a ratchet strap stretches her fine, nude she awakens Ogre shoves cloth into her mouth and duct tapes it shut...he has fun as he holds her nose and mouth and watches her struggle for air...over and over again....then he whips her front...lastly, he applies clothespin tripods to her nipples which keep a constant the next scene, Lisa is tied to a torture chair...wearing only a posture collar, her hands are tied behind her back and legs are spread...Ogre uses clamps on her labia and ties them apart, exposing her sweet pussy in all it's open glory...he opens her mouth with a dental gag and blindfolds her...Lisa can hardly struggle as Ogre slaps her breasts and generally enjoys her tormented state...

Members comments:
24 Mar 2012 Bob D. wrote: Whatever happened to Lisa.She was so lovely and so innocent appearing and so delightful in bondage.Anyone know?

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice Humiliation!

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