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06/22/2011 - Little Angel 4 Scenes - 476 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 476 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

Little Angel has established herself as a successful and busy fetish model...she's got a great face...perfect for both grimaces and moans...and the rest of her is petite and hot...a very feminine female...she talks about enjoying the endorphins in a heavy scene...that's what you call a bondage slut who lives for the in a million and all mine for the afternoon...I made good the first scene I rig her for a single-ankle suspension...I blindfold, then Dom her as I rig her...I take her up, shove a dildo in her pussy and leave her to hang...She looked so fine hanging in there air...I decided to keep her there...we strip her of her clothes and boots, then I rig a two point, back bending, suspension...ankles and wrists...she hangs limp and bent as I cane her tummy, ass and legs...I give her good strokes...she should thank me for the endorphins...she needs a break so I bring her down...I take it to her feet with bands...then the ass hole gets stuffed...she struggles well as I try to vibrate her pussy...I pull her into the air again and allow her some well earned pleasure...I tie her spread on top of a palette, then I prop her up...she begs for the single tail...or not...I use it anyway...Do remember that Angel has a safe word...she plays the role deeply...but she has a safe word and uses it, and when she uses it, I stop...but she tries to manipulate me with begging and it no heed...this is a professional BDSM model and she knows she can end it all whenever she likes...the interaction is deeper than apearances with anyone who truly enjoys the role...and we took plenty of oportunities to check in with's a must with anyone who slips into endorphin fueled, you can just sit back and enjoy, without worry, when I start plunging into her pussy like a jack hammer...she cums through screams...then I tie this sweet angel with her ass up...I fill her full of milk...about three quarters of a gallon...she holds it in as I whip and flog response to the vibrator so I cram her pussy with a dildo again...she never loses a drop...Little Angel really is very submissive and sexy as fuck...I miss her already...Ogre... ShootID: LIT_061511

Members comments:
15 Aug 2011 Name BRIAN wrote: I agree with Mr Johnson - I would love to see Angel get fucked in your dungeon.

02 Jul 2011 Schaan wrote: Angel eyes!!!

24 Jun 2011 MrJohnson wrote: Im having trouble keeping up with your updates. This one is terrific. Angel needs a visit to Fucking Dungeon.

23 Jun 2011 Dom Henry wrote: "...the interaction is deeper than apearances with anyone who truly enjoys the role..." Wise words and Kudos on an enticing shoot :)

23 Jun 2011 Krista wrote: This update is so wrong on so many levels. I love it! I think I have an Ogre-crush

23 Jun 2011 David wrote: Every position was terrific but I am partial to the body arching suspension. Great work to all!

01/12/2011 - Little Angel 4 Scenes - 318 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 318 Photos - 56 Minutes Video

DungeonCorp brings another beautiful, fresh-faced hottie into the realm of serious BDSM play...Little Angel is what Domination dreams are made of...this woman is extra cute, terribly sexy, adventurous to the point of fearlessness, and submissive as any model i've ever met...She reveals a few secrets during her bound interview and although Angel is smilling, she seems a bit anxious...and I hadn't even told her my plan yet...Luke Degre was hanging out at the studio the previous day with a young lady and he showed me a new tie that I had to try...but I did have to credit him...and I should credit Angel the end of the first scene, she stays in the air for nearly a minute, bound in a extremely tough suspension...she showed us her courage in that first scene, and I did what any Dom would do...I took advantage for the rest of the shoot...and had a wonderful time doing it...thanks Angel, you are the real deal...Ogre ShootID: LIT_010411

Members comments:
26 Jan 2011 Ogre wrote: @Ilovetoes, I have gotten requests for tied toes on many occasions and I'll try to see that more toe tying is done... And the shoe or not-to-shoe controversy rages on :)

24 Jan 2011 Feetlover21 wrote: @ILoveToes: it's a perfect and normal thing if u have a foot/toe fetish, I for example only watch the updates of slaves who are barefooted, for that reason and because it's sexier to see a fully naked slave rather than half way dressed or with shoes on...

21 Jan 2011 Alfredo wrote: WOW

15 Jan 2011 Jackson wrote: That neck hang looks a bit dangerous, but you are the pros. I had to get over my concern for the model before I could enjoy it for what it was. A very intense scene indeed!

14 Jan 2011 I Love Toes wrote: Is it unique to want to see a female's toes tied and twisted in twine or string?

14 Jan 2011 Dom219 wrote: I enjoyed the pics I saw on Fetlife and joined to view the videos with Angel. What a beauty! Master Ogre, you must love your work.

14 Jan 2011 David wrote: This is another great example of bondage and SM, but I am starting to miss hogties and hotied suspensions :(

13 Jan 2011 Westcut wrote: Georgeous! The wrist and neck hang is genius and the use of tied off clamps is simply evil.

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