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05/13/2005 - Isabella Soprano, Livia Choice 3 Scenes - 223 Photos - 31 Minutes Video
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Isabella begins on her back...the bench she lays on is curved...her hands and feet are secured to each end and this keeps her immobile, bent backwards and very helpless...Ogre Flogs her breasts and pussy, then he positions the vibrator to her clit, ties it to her loins and turns it on....he leaves the room and tells Isabella to yell out as soon as she begins to cum...minutes later, through struggles and moans, Isabella is forced into the next scene, her lovely breasts are tied in hemp rope...her legs are separated by a spreader bar and her hands, which are tied behind her back, are pulled down and tied to the spreader...a rope around the front of her tied tits is pulled above her head and this keeps Isabella nice and still as Ogre begind to spank her ass...white cord is used to tie each nipple and Ogre pulls them over her shoulder and ties them there...he then blindfolds our captive girl and leaves her there to struggle...

The final scene features Livia Choice...Livia was unwilling to hold still as Ogre vibrated her pussy, so he ties her to a spanking bench and begins to flog her...he fingers her ass and pussy before inserting a metal plug into her ass...the metal plug is wired with electricity and Ogre cruelly turns it up and down as Livia struggles fiercely...he demands as apology from the broken mistress and she submits...

Members comments:
28 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Where are the pics of Livia Choice, are there none? Thanks. Videos are good.

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The combination of these two is great!

20 Oct 2007 Tamora8 wrote: Livia Choice scene is missing.

04/26/2005 - Livia Choice 3 Scenes - 210 Photos - 27 Minutes Video
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The infamous German model/mistress Livia Choice gets the submissive treatment in this SSM update...for some, nothing is more exciting than seeing a strict Dominatrix have the tables turned on her...and that's exactly what Ogre does as he ties Livia in her jeans and tube top...Livia never does submit, and taking control of her is not an easy task at all...Livia is gagged with her hands and elbows tied behind her back and her feet tied together...her hair is tied up to the rafters and keeps her on her toes...Ogre peels her clothes off and gropes her pussy and chokes her...he spanks her bare ass, then uses a flogger to continue the the next scene, Livia is tied spread eagle...a small hardware stand supports her back, and a system of pulleys keeps her spread tightly...Ogre begins by slapping and fingering her pussy...Livia struggles hard as Ogre breaks out a magic wand to vibrate her pussy...Ogre does his best to hold the vibrator on her pussy, but Livia's struggles are too much...instead of pleasure, she will get more pain...Ogre flogs her pussy and breasts...then he ties a glass dildo into her cunt and leaves her there...

Members comments:
31 Oct 2007 Joe wrote: This is why I joined.

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: She is hot and tied great! The flying spread eagle is TOP!

10 May 2007 boots wrote: Gorgeously sexy shoes, pity they disappeared somewhere..

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