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08/29/2007 - Logan Anderson 5 Scenes - 284 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
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Logan Anderson is new to us and she really is one hot to trot babe with supermodel looks and a body to match. During our intitial interview with Logan, we learn that she is realtively inexperienced with bondage but, has fantasized about taking the dominant role if it came down to it. We also learn that she has a penchant for anal sex in her professional life. After garnering these vital facts from Logan, we ask her to strip for us and gag herself for us for what will be, in all essence, her first bondage shoot ever. The Pope starts us off by getting down and dirty and doing a little force groping on Logan's hot little body. After some smacks to her ass to warm her up; he forces the vibe on her with an iron fist which brings her to her first orgasm. The next scene shows us Logan gagged, with her wrists shackled and her ankles in a spreader bar. Picking up steam, The Pope breaks out the flogger and flails mercilessly on Logan's ass, tits and cunt. This only serves as a mere warm up for Logan's initiation into the world of cruelty, as The Pope then shows her a shocking good time with the violet wand. This is followed by the tying of Logan's wrists and ankles to the steel rack. With her pussy and ass exposed to the world, it proves to be open season for The Pope's merciless flogger. This opens the gates to some carefully placed clothes pins, pussy lip clamping and hair pulling. And of course, a touch more forced orgasm via the magic wand. After that, Logan is stretched out and gagged with a dildo. The Pope with propane torch in hand, spatters Logan's silky smooth torso with candle wax. He follows up with a little caning and vibing until Logan erupts in orgasm yet again. In our final installment, Logan is tied spread eagle in a chair. The Pope then intricately ties a magic wand to her already gushing pussy and we witness Logan have one final breath taking orgasm.

Members comments:
23 Sep 2010 eroticmoments wrote: why dont you leave her sexy high heel shoes on ? ............ that makes it even better - you miss out on that element in a lot of scenes .....maybe do more with high heels at least on the first 2 scenes

22 Apr 2009 woodpecker wrote: Three comments: 1) Charlie, I'm sorry to disappoint you but there's no way these breasts are real. Look how they retain their shape during the suspension and rack scenes, natural breasts don't do that. 2) Natural or not (normally I like small breasts better), Logan is certainly one of the hottest models on this site, I hope to see her again often, and this is an excellent update. 3) The rack scene was great except for that dumbass dildo gag. I generally don't like gags, but if there has to be one it should at least be fixed.

06 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: SHE'S GOT FUCKING GREAT TITS!!!!!!!! At least they're REAL! Maybe women should cum with 'air bags' in case of an emergency! 10/10!!

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good update! The last scene is more than good, its awesome!

25 Sep 2007 maddis wrote: Following on from the previous comments, or some of them; I prefer the model to be young, slim, small breasted and long legged. If a model does not have any of the requirements but the overall presentation is good I’m not going to worry. Logan has a find body and is teased and displayed well. Thank you Logan for entertaining me. I would hope that all sites, anywhere in the world, of SSM nature are by consent. Although I doubt it!

21 Sep 2007 loadedyup wrote: I have been a member for a long time at this site, and the only thing I wish I could see more of is the crotch-rope scenes. Sometimes they are towards the end of the scene and it is cut off in like 30 seconds. Audrey, Harmony, Satine...all examples, but still outstanding work, none the less. Fantastic models and the new site is outstanding. Get me Jenna Haze though. :)

21 Sep 2007 Nakolo wrote: Ogre: regarding the issue of consensuality, I think your attached interviews make it very clear that this is a performance, done by willing and consenting actors and actresses. Some sites do their's at the end, you do your's right up front, which is probably "safer". I don't see where the controversy is ... any Hollywood movie can dramatically protray victims and perpetrators, invovled in everything from murder and kidnapping, to rape. It's inconsistent that a movie like Hostel can be embraced, but scenes like your site depicts are considered "controversial". The USA ... it's a great country, but sometimes, it's a stupid country. Maybe that's what makes it great, for some.

05 Sep 2007 Ogre wrote: We don't really consider breast size when hiring models...But I do not see a trend with small breasted models...The question is, how small is small? Not sure about Ashley at all, but I can tell you that she is down for very tough scenes...Ashley is the real thing...and if she does crawl up on a cross, it's only because she likes so much to suffer :)...Sex and Bondage is a controversial subject and as far as I can tell, as long as it is presented as consensual sex, it is OK...IN fact, all bondage scenes must appear to be consensual nowadays...I dont know much about Layla's situation either, but as far as I know, she is free and doing fine...

05 Sep 2007 slp wrote: I've noticed a trend on your site recently towards smaller breasted this based on model availability or personal preference? Speaking of personal preference...will you ever have Ashley Renee back? She seems to be struggling over at her site with creativity and your models seem much more you think this is an age or control factor at her site...I swear everytime she writes in her diary it's like she's crawling up on the cross...she says that she gets hassled and you don' she can't have sex and bondage legally...please...tell me that Layla's not in jail for her little tryst with the cowboy...what are we straight whiter-bread paying customers to think?

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