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07/03/2007 - Lorena Sanchez 5 Scenes - 333 Photos - 59:18 Minutes Video
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Lorena Sanchez pays us a vist at SocietySM for a day of BDSM. We instruct her to strip and masterbate on our couch for us...after the first of many orgasms she will have throughput the day we tie her hans and feet and leave there to wait on the Pope. He enters and inspects her body before he spanks anf floggs her...then he stands her up for more flogging and then ties her in a we have Lorena bent backwards over our wooden pony and the Pope punishes her body with more flogging...then he puts her through multiple orgasms with the magic wand. We retie her on the pony with her feet tied to the platform and her hands above her...the Pope adds some weighted clamps to her nipples and forces her to cum once again. In the next scene we have Lorena tied to our bench and the Pope applies TENS pads to her thighs and tummy...then electric clamps on her nipples. He inserts a vibrating dildo into her pussy and pushes her over the edge when he adds the magic wand. Next we have Lorena hogtied and the Pope comes in and canes her...then he uses a metal pin wheel to torture her feet and pussy before he forces more orgasms out of her with two vibes again. He finishes her off with a pussy hook and a nose hook to keep still. In the final scene we have Lorena suspended and tied to the wooden column....the Pope enters and floggs her body...then he adds weighted clamps to her pussy...the vibe is used once again until Lorena is exhausted and her body goes limp...

Members comments:
11 Apr 2009 gecker wrote: Lorena has been one of my favorite girls for a long time. I can't think of too many women that are as gorgeous as she is. She has it going on in every way. I love to here her talk about what she likes as far as sex also. Please keep entertaining me Lorena.

08 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: As ever, another gorgeous babe tied up & gagged and put through the rigours of being a Society Slave!!! 10/10! How about a poll to find out the top ten slaves of all time? :¬D

13 Dec 2007 Prwlr911 wrote: Lorena may be my favorite model. I mean, ... damn. But it looked like she was really being hurt a few times. Did this shoot get out of hand? I'm twisted like most of us, but I don't want these girls really hurt.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good reactions!

04 Aug 2007 Doug wrote: I love the nose hooks. Please do more nose play and nose work in your videos. thanks.

10 Jul 2007 bocklem wrote: Lorena very beautiful and sexy

09 Jul 2007 Juno6990 wrote: Excellent Updates, a great site, Lorena is spectacular. 5 Stars

06 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: Thanks for the heads up...the Galley 5 Video is up in it's entirety now...

06 Jul 2007 Some Guy wrote: Is anybody else having a problem with video in Gallery 5 not playing till the end?

06 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: Yeah, I want to be just like PD so my penis will shrivel. Facial hooking is hot and humiliating and we love it!

06 Jul 2007 Stryker wrote: I'm only used to see nose hooks in ugly slaves. Are you trying to be like PD? :)

05 Jul 2007 Wilstock wrote: You always make the models look fucking hot! Seriously, they look much better here than on your competitor's websites. Especially Kali Kane. I appreciate a hot bitch in bondage :)

04 Jul 2007 siNNer wrote: Love the wooden pony! Smash that CUNT! HAHAHA

03 Jul 2007 Whipper1 wrote: I do enjoy making the first comment. :) Lorena is very beautiful, what a body! The hogtied scene made the update for me, although the suspension was hot too. Nice work, Pope.

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