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06/06/2014 - Lyla Storm 4 Scenes - 355 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 355 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Sometimes things just get better and better...that's what I was thinking as I was staring down Lyla, taking in her form and beauty...she was all mine for an afternoon and I planned to enjoy my time with the lovely Lyla Storm...she's no newbie, and I felt determined to push her limits...I inspect and strip her bound body in the first scene...and Lyla ends up suspended from her ankles...spinning uncontrollably...then a shoulder and hip wrenching tie and lots of attention for that helpless pussy...punished and pleasured throughly...In the third scene, I spread her as far as she can go...she can only look on as I work her pussy even harder...clamps, a huge dildo and the magic wand makes a mess of her...then a final round of heavy flogging on her fine ass until those big brown eyes are begging for mercy...Ogre... ShootID: LYL_060414

Members comments:
08 Jun 2014 Raden wrote: Intense

12/14/2012 - Lyla Storm 4 Scenes - 148 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 148 Photos - 63 Minutes Video

Tall, lanky and lithe Lyla will be in the hands of Phoenix today, and he sets about in a methodical fashion as he puts her through her paces. She is first subjected to a caning which has her writhing in her cuffs as she stands fully at attention, then she is clamped and pressed into a blazing orgasm…The one thing you shall notice about dear Lyla is that she is extremely genuine, and that is blatantly apparent as things intensify. Meanwhile, Phoenix pulls out all the stops, and screams fill the Dungeon as he coats his slave in wax, guides her through a barrage of intense, bondage orgasms, and then finally strings her up from the rafters for a wailing climax... ShootID: LYL_121212

Members comments:
01 Jan 2013 provost wrote: Extraordinary! What a strong, imaginative and dramatic performance!!

19 Dec 2012 viking65 wrote: Wow, awesome performances from Phoenix and the wonderful delicious Lyla! enjoyed every second of it. Keep it coming Ogre and get her back real soon!

18 Dec 2012 HughJasol wrote: Whats up with the fucking dungeon website?

08/21/2012 - Lyla Storm 4 Scenes - 263 Photos - 49 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 263 Photos - 49 Minutes Video

Lyla's in the hand's of Bane quite literally as she finds herself bound and kneeling on the floor. A blindfold applied shunts her vision, but doesn't ease the pain when her taught nipples are clamped. From here, we witness her first blistering orgasm, which only sets the stage. Lyla's quite a fighter though and her spirit remains strong as she is caned and quizzed...Next, crotch roped and heavily weighted, Lyla's struggle is on full display and Bane has a plan of pain inducement clearly in play. After teasing her pussy, he draws the whip and lashes it across her reddening flesh...Into a back bend our little limber slave goes, where her moistened cunt is plied deeply, then Lyla is flipped and bent, her open and exposed ass calling out...almost begging for a flogging. Certainly for Lyla, it doesn't get much easier though...A tight suspension is on tap for her curtain call...She writhes as the cane patters against her tender flesh, she grimaces as the leather pummels her further, and she grinds, almost compliantly while being subjected to her final, guttural orgasm... ShootID: LYL_082012

Members comments:
24 Aug 2012 knucks1947 wrote: Lyla has an exotic face with a slim well proportioned body. It's good to have Bane back as a dom. The four scenes were excellent. A great update.

24 Aug 2012 Riggs wrote: A classic 4 scene update! Well chosen rigorous positions. Bravo!!!

24 Aug 2012 Provost wrote: Lyla's a lean, lithe, lovely lass and Bane thought up some challenging positions for her. The backbend is elegant to look at. I do wish, however, that you had fit a couple of good shots of her sensitive soles among the 263 photos. I hope Lyla will return for SR and a turn on the rack. Recent shoots have been imaginative and I hope you continue to explore new vignettes, equipment, positions, models. The recent shoot with Holly is built on an intriguing concept that is worth developing. For comparison, the company that produced Maleficarum has another film premised on a condemned woman allowed to choose between the guillotine and M de Sade.....

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