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07/16/2006 - Madison Young, Natali Demore 4 Scenes - 207 Photos - 39 Minutes Video
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Big-breasted Natali Demore is made to impale her pussy on the dildo rising out of the Sybian...We stock her neck and arms out, then we tie her feet up behind her so that all of her weight rests on her clit and the Sybian's vibrating pad...We gag her and Ogre turns on the Sybian...he tuants her as he canes her ass and pussy...he applies vibrating clamps to her nipples...he turns the machine up and down as Natali screams and the end, he has her begging for the next scene, Natali is strapped down to our spreader table...Ogre uses suction on her nipples and whips her pussy and tits...he stuffs cloth into her mouth and tapes it in...then he rigs a magic wand to her pussy and turns it on...Natali heaves and screams as the buzzing pleasures her clit until the has no choice but to climax...

Madison spends some quality time with Mason Manson...she is tied up and bent over a spanking bench...her hands are pulled into the air and her ass sticks out behind her...Mason whips and spanks her until her ass is good and red...then Madison is tied standing...the dildo from our pussy impaling spreader bar is sunk deep into her pussy...Mason enters with a vibrator, first toying with his slave...then he brings her to orgasm as she shrieks and moans...

Members comments:
31 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Great! Especialy the last scene is awesome!

06/13/2006 - Madison Young 3 Scenes - 271 Photos - 34 Minutes Video
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Strawberry blonde, Madison Young is tied up...wearing lovely lingerie, she sits on the floor, struggling and waiting for her torment to begin...Ogre enters the room and goes right after his slave...he grabs her and gropes her...he bends her over his knee for some spanking...he throws her onto the bed and continues to tie her...her neck, wrists knees and feet are tied to the four posts which leaves Madison laying on her side...Ogre uses a dildo on a stick to fuck her from behind...then he ties the pole into her pussy and leaves her on the the next scene, Madison has bee tied to the foot of the bed...her arms are pulled out and her thighs are tied back, leaving her pussy exposed...Ogre teases her nipples with clamps before applying them to her labia...he pulls her feet it, then ties the clamps to them...he fingers her pussy and crops her tits before using a vibrator to ger her off...Madison is then moved to the dungeon...she is hogtied on a table with her thighs pulled apart...Ogre uses a vibrating dildo to fuck her pussy and tease her clit...Mason Manson joins him to taunt Madison and have his way as Ogre breaks out the magic wand to vibrate her clit as he continues to fuck her with the dildo...they leave Madison bound and wet, still tied, with more to come...

Members comments:
11 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: This has to be one of my favourite sets on SocietySM.........beautiful Madison, great red bedroom set and lingerie! VERY SEXY!!! 12/10! Then....she is RED HOT! :¬ D

06 Jan 2008 Ogre wrote:

30 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Short but good again! Missing scene!!!

12 Sep 2007 Demon wrote: again - only 2 scenes of 3

02/28/2005 - Madison Young 3 Scenes - 198 Photos - 29 Minutes Video
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Cute little red-headed Madison is wearing a black skirt and white top...her neck, wrists and ankles are locked into standing stocks and a white, latex gag is buckled into her mouth..she doesnt even worry about trying to get away...she tries to remain still and comfortable...the Pope enters to inspect her helpless body...he pulls her skirt down and shirt up...he gropes her then removes her panties...the Pope clamps her nipples, then begins to spank her...Madison's ass reddens slowly as the Pope the next scene, Madison's neck and wrists are in stocks as she lays on her back...her legs are spread wide and the dildo from a fucking machine rests in her pussy...the Pope turns on the fucking machine and soon Madison is begging for more...the Pope tapes her mouth, turns up the machine and uses a vibrator on her pussy...Madison cums and the Pope torments her sensitive clit...then Madison is hogtied and suspended...the Pope places many candles below her and then lowers her down onto them...he raises her up and down as the heat gets to be too much for her exposed tummy and breasts...

Members comments:
26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: She is coming great!

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