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03/24/2010 - Mandy K 5 Scenes - 406 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 406 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

Mandy is a midwestern woman, out in LA for perverted never know who's gonna get the urge to start bondage modelling...What I gathered from our conversations is that Mandy has been into BDSM for quite some time...she lived it where she's from, but it's not the same as living it in LA or living it at DungeonCorp studios...but Mandy proves she can lvie it here and the Pope keeps the intensity up until the final minute of the final scene...I think he was all too delighted to be playing and performing with Mandy....the Pope likes a tough girl and Mandy is a tough girl who likes it hard and real...I was operating the camera on this shoot and I was amazed at what the Pope put her through...super tight bondage...a wicked, sideways spread suspension...muscle cramping partial suspensions, stretching...whipping, shocking, and enough orgasms to put anyone in the the end of it all, Mandy just seemed to be feelin satisfied and all of us were intense, long shoot which makes for a killer update....enjoy it!...OGRE ShootID: SSM_MAN_01210

Members comments:
20 Sep 2014 mixxer41 wrote: thats fucin hot.

14 Oct 2010 Garfold wrote: What a body. Bring her back and feature her on Strict Restraints and Fucking Dungeon.

01 May 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Great positions! Smokin' hot model, Mandy has quite the fit body!

16 Apr 2010 Provost wrote: INTENSE!!!!!!!!

05 Apr 2010 TK wrote: Nice Variety of positions , Great rigging and super video work!

31 Mar 2010 execpgh wrote: That was one terrific scene. The site continues to find authentic models who can take it and cum hard from the surrender. Mandy is a real sub who was able to cum repeatedly from being used like a bitch in heat. Great work!!!

28 Mar 2010 Husker Du wrote: Ogre--Good point about the criticism. I've often questioned the value of these message boards when everyone bitches about what they hate about the shoots but no one suggests any improvements. As for an all-natural bodied model for the site, I'd say that Tori Black would be fantastic. She's doing a lot of straight porno work now, so I'd imagine that she probably has limits on bruises, marks, etc. But she's probably be up for fuckingdungeon. She is truly head-to-toe gorgeous, and a real sex tornado in the straight porn scenes. She's been tied up before on some non-hard BDSM bondage sites, and seems like a pretty adventurous girl...

27 Mar 2010 Lietzke wrote: This was an above average shoot. Ive been asking for wet pussy shots and you provided them. Thank you for that. Mandy is a beautiful woman, she is in fantastic shape and obviously takes care of her hands and feet as well as she does her gorgeous body. She is perfect for this website! Thank you Ogre and thank you Mandy!

27 Mar 2010 Ogre wrote: On the surface your assertion seems rational and unbiased...constructive or negative comments are ok, but you are talking about a might as well be complaining about young models or blonde models or models with tattoos...Let me ask...will you remind of us all your dislike for fake boobs everytime you see them here? Seems a waste and an have stated your opinion. I do appreciate that you have one...We book who we book based on many factors...Here's something constructive...Why dont you recomend some hard core bondage models who have nice, real boobs?

27 Mar 2010 Bob wrote: More boring silicone implants. :( And to explain, re. your previous question: Silicone tits make a woman unattractive. And I would certainly not like her less without the surgery. Whenever I see fake body part I'm incapable enjoying the rest of the model's looks. Natural parts win every time! But hey, if this comment box is meant only for back slapping and brown nosing, let me know! I would think negative comments would be at LEAST as helpful as positive ones?

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