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09/28/2005 - Molly Matthews, Mariah Slave 3 Scenes - 127 Photos - 18 Minutes Video
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2 hot models, 3 sets, multiple orgasms...We start with Molly Matthews...naked and tied to the steel table...he hands are pulled way over her head and then tied under the table...her feet are tied to the table legs and her thighs are pulled back to the other send of the table...Molly is completely helpless, gagged and exposed...Ogre begins by flogging her tits and he makes his way down to her very pink pussy...a vibrator is tied tightly to her pussy and Molly is left to struggle and cum and Molly screams through each one...The next sets feature Mariah...In the first scene we have Mariah all tied up in the corner...we gag her and remove her clothes until she's naked...Then we tie Mariah face down on a table...her legs are frogtied and her arms are pulled up behind her...she can hardly move as we turn on the fucking no time at all, the typically quiet and submissive Mariah begins to moan...the dildo fucks her pussy faster and faster until Mariah is screaming through some of her own orgasms....

Members comments:
27 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Especially Blondie is great!

07/20/2005 - Mariah Slave 1 Scenes - 136 Photos - 15 Minutes Video
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Mariah spends an afternoon at the new dungeon with the the first scene, Mariah is dressed in a see-through gown...Hemp rope is used to tie her hands behind her back and create a body harness which is pulled up to keep her standing...The Pope gropes her breasts and spanks her ass...feeling as if her ass could take much more, the Pope keeps her tied with her ass up in the second scene...She is tied to a spanking bench and he spanks and flogs her ass well...then Mariah is tied on her back...her hands and neck rest in locked wooden stocks...her body is rigged to the bench and her legs are spread and frogtied...The Pope rigs the vibrator to buzz her pussy and he switches it on...Mariah is calm and submissive as the Pope blindfolds her and leaves her to cum....

Members comments:
12 Feb 2010 Boots wrote: Keep the boots on!

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: She is not reacting good enough on her treatment!

02/18/2005 - Mariah Slave 4 Scenes - 301 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
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Mariah begins dressed in white lingerie and shoes...hemp rope is use to restrain her as Ogre prepares to undress and inspect her body...Mariah is quiet and submissive as he removes her top and pulls down her panties...he gropes her abundant breasts then lays her over his legs with her ass up for a good spanking...Ogre thoroughly manhandles Mariah before completing the hogtie and leaving her...Mariah is then rigged for suspension...Ogre enters to hoist her from the ground and begin her torment...first, he applies nipple clamps to her helpless chest, then he uses a crop on her ass, feet and tits...Mariah begins to squirm in mid-air as the crop starts to sting her...the beautiful latina is then tied spread standing...a flogger is used to tenderize her large breasts and perfect ass...he holds her head back by her hair as he applies the strokes...parachute cord is used to tie her tits and she behaves very well as he tightly wraps them and pulls them apart...more cord is used between her legs in a painful pussy tie and bamboo sticks are used to pinch her nipples...The last two scenes feaure Mariah tied and pleasured...first, it's spread eagle, naked on the bed...a vibrator is tied onto her pussy and she can only take so much before cumming...then Mariah gets strapped up with black leather...the vibrator is buckled into her crotch and Mariah squirms as we leave her on the bed...

Members comments:
11 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: How do they look SO sweet & sexy when they go through this kind of punishment?

26 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: OK

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