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12/13/2016 - Marie McCray 4 Scenes - 199 Photos - 39 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 199 Photos - 39 Minutes Video

After a long series of relative newbies, Marie makes her return to SocietySM as a blonde...I remember the perfection of her alabaster flesh as I whip her nude body to begin...and the adorable moans she makes...and it isn't long before Marie is bound and longing for orgasmic relief, but I won't make it so easy for this hearty babe....I deny her in the first scene, please her in the second, and totally destroy her pussy in the third...By the 4th scene, Marie finds herself hanging in a hogtie, wishing that I would just leave her tender loins alone...Her wish does not come true as I fill her with a dildo...Ogre... ShootID: MAR_120716

01/12/2015 - Marie McCray 4 Scenes - 308 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 308 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

Marie is one of our favorite models because has she proved to be submissive...Mixed with her beauty, it makes for a very erotic combination...I tell her to just stand and wait for me...She already knows my rules, but I give her a quick review before I grope her body with much enjoyment...Then tied up, as she will remain for the rest of the day...Marie did disappoint me with her unwillingness and to communicate her orgasms and she did pay the price for each infraction...Even a good submissive should make a couple punish-worthy mistakes, but Marie still stands as a very proud submissive with a great attitude for being controlled....Ogre... ShootID: MAR_010915

Members comments:
16 Jan 2015 Mike wrote: Is it just me, or does Marie look somewhat different, she has always been a favorite, but I can't help but wonder if she has had plastic surgery, if so, she didn't need it, she is a natural, I hope I am wrong, either way she is still a favorite.

16 Jan 2015 provost wrote: Well done! Very, very well done.... Now, would you please test Ms Casey Warner's soles of rue, too? And her other sensitive parts, of course.... Incredible run of models, Mr O!

05/30/2014 - Marie McCray 4 Scenes - 314 Photos - 50 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 314 Photos - 50 Minutes Video

Marie represents such an innocent good girl...healthy, happy, no tattoos, a beautiful face and a perfect body blanketed in vanilla velvet...her skin that's soft and perfect...What we know about Marie is that she's a cock hungry newbie to tough bondage and BDSM no matter how anxious she seems...she's trying to draw us in to give her mercy before I even not be had by this exquisite creature as she will take every advantage...This isn't my first time taming this slut...I know how much she can take and I know how she'll whine her way through it all...through all of the clamps and impact and stretching, Marie never calls red...she can take it all even as she sells us her most fragile expressions to the contrary...but when she starts cumming and squirting, it's easy to tell that Marie is definitely in her element...Ogre ShootID: MAR_052814

Members comments:
03 Jun 2014 Seymore wrote: So happy to see that you know what a good looking submissive is supposed to look like. I'm very impressed with this content and very happy I found it! In comparison to Ogre, other dominants and riggers are just blowing bubble gum. Truly outstanding scenes!

02 Jun 2014 Cleveland wrote: Great use of the menacing dom/beautiful slave element :)

01 Jun 2014 I AM MANY wrote: Excellent update.

31 May 2014 provost wrote: Wow! Strong stuff, beautifully done! The rigor of this session is possible only because Marie is son experienced with Mr. O and trusts him implicitly. Beautiful woman, wonderful facial expressions...clearly into it and giving it her all....or, almost all? Perhaps we'll explore her outer limits in a subsequent session....

08/03/2011 - Marie McCray 4 Scenes - 334 Photos - 45 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 334 Photos - 45 Minutes Video

nd here's some more cream from the bondage modelling crop...Marie McCray probably needs no introduction to most of you...we have shot her before and she has made the BDSM rounds with a few different sites...and she is hard to forget...a natural red head with great natural tits and a beautiful pussy...her attitude is spot on...she has a great vibe about complaining or pussy footing...Marie is a serious and tough woman...I gag her, bind her with a crotchrope and breast harness and anchor her, standing, by her neck...her body is a perfect fleshy statue for my floggers...the bondage is very tight...Marie can hardly squirm at all, but mostly, she's just trying not to fall over...nipple clamps with wieghts probably don't help her concentration...I sit her down and rope her into a chair...electro shock on her inner thighs and nipple clamps tied to her own backwards bent fingers...Marie does find it in her to cum through the discomfort...then bent over, hands tied behind her knees...perched on a bench...her ass raised high...I stuff her cunt...I work it slowly, but too much and Marie calls safe on the I flog her...more orgasms and Marie forgets for a second time to call out her climax...for that, the dragon's tails...did I really have any choice? I end with a suspension...a flying hogtie and I push her around the room by a stick in her pussy...that seems to hit some type of anxiety nerve within has a nice effect...a radical day with a radical model...we're hoping to bring Marie back for more very soon...Ogre... ShootID: MAR_072711

Members comments:
06 Aug 2011 Mop Bottom 27 wrote: Marie is a great submissive! Please use more blindfolds in your work :)~

05 Aug 2011 Ogre wrote: Link fixed...thanks for the heads up

05 Aug 2011 Kai wrote: Clip 1 is not available. Error: File not found on server!

05 Aug 2011 David wrote: Oh how I worship Marie Mccray! Great!

03/31/2010 - Marie McCray 5 Scenes - 269 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 5 Scenes - 269 Photos - 52 Minutes Video

We've worked with Marie before, but it seems she's been around the bondage block a few times since then...It was fun to work with Marie on the solo shoots we did last year and the content is fabulous...great orgasmic bondage stuff...But we didn't book Marie for anything tougher because she didn't seem ready...she's just almost too cute and fragile...seemingly...I guess she felt that she was ready for something tougher, cause we got her back in for the Pope to play with...but today, Marie aint Marie...she's a little red headed country chic we had rounded up from southern Illinois...she came to us with a pink sundress and hay in her hair...she came in late though, so the Pope roped her up in our rust room and left her there till he was better rested...Marie's allready tuckered out from hangin around, but the Pope rouses her quickly and keeps her roused through a serious series of scenes...good ole basics like crotchropes, nipple clamps, pussy punishment, foot slappin...a few wicked predicaments and a lotus suspension make this a very long day for Marie...but Marie has found that she sincerely digs bondage, punishment and role playing...I know you'll be seeing her around DungeonCorp again soon ...OGRE ShootID: SSM_MAR_032410

Members comments:
05 Apr 2010 Tony K wrote: Marie McCray is above & beyond beautiful and sexy, The Lotus position Suspension w/ the machine was really cool. Have to agree on the whimpering, got to me after a bit but easily solved with the Volume button but would have liked if she was chastised for the noise with a triple layered gag or something . Great model though and quality update. ___ T Korleone

03 Apr 2010 kathryn wrote: i very much enjoyed this series of scenes. As a submissive i found myself wanting to do bad just to receive a series exactly like this from Master. Well done. One negative comment, she whimpered constantly. At the start it was great, i was feeling what she felt, but then it was just annoying. Almost seemed as though at one point The Pope was thinking the same, but He never curbed it.

03 Apr 2010 provost wrote: Cute, authentic young woman; rather awkward bondage. Why were her soles spared? Also, forums seem to be down so I'll make an unrelated suggestion here: Gia DiMarco!

01 Apr 2010 execpgh wrote: Another in a long line of superb offerings. Watching these subs stimulated to the point that they have to beg for it to stop is very hot to watch. Marie's fair skin was great to see turn color from the discipline. beautiful body made even more so from the squirming and thrashing from cuming!!

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