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01/27/2010 - Mason Moore 5 Scenes - 456 Photos - 57 Minutes Video
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Mason's got a new boyfriend that can't quite satisfy her needs. He seems to find her dark desires strange and even though Mason tries her best to remain faithful, her loyalty will be tested. Despite her protests, I tied her to the ladder and removed her clothing. Her beautiful body was now revealed and I began to work on her. Mason tried to claim she didn't want what I was giving her but; her sopping, wet pussy told me a different story. I spread her wide and whipped her tight body working my way up and down and across her big tits. I pushed her to a convulsive orgasm which left her breathless. I decided her lover needed to know what type of slut he was dealing with and demanded his name so I could let him know. Try as she might Mason did her best to deny me but, I had ways to get it out of her and I wouldn't stop until I did... The Pope ShootID: SSM_MAS_011410

Members comments:
20 Sep 2014 mixxer41 wrote: my first comment has to be this shoot. something about a girl stretched out like that will always bring out a beautiful yet primal urge. GREAT STUFF you go on this site!!!!!!!!!

29 Mar 2013 Bob wrote: Love Mason so much! wish she would do more shoots...a nice barefoot hogtie would be nice with some foot tickle torture. love this clip tho especially the rack bit at the end super sexy!

18 Mar 2010 lizadr wrote: test

26 Feb 2010 Whitey wrote: Photo link 4 should direct you to the direct gallery. sorry about that.

22 Feb 2010 mrvicarious wrote: The link for gallery 4 below links to gallery 5, fyi. No problems with MP4, but would be nice to have all scenes avail in a single file instead of 5 or 6. Being forced to read the disclaimer at the start of each and every scene is a buzzkill...

29 Jan 2010 Whitey wrote: We have added the flash video to make it easier to watch WITHOUT having to download a file. with the flash player you can freely forward, rewind, pause or watch the video in different sizes and save on disk space. IF you still desire to download and watch you can download the video in 2 different MPEG4 resolutions (standard and HD). the MP4 files are simple to use merely download the zipped file to your computer-> right click on the zipped file -> choose extract all and let the file unzip. the MP4 can now be played in quicktime in both windows and Mac.

29 Jan 2010 thickone wrote: oops sorry for the double post, didn't think the first one went.

29 Jan 2010 thickone wrote: What the fuck is wrong with MP4?! It plays back on ANY OS, Phone or media player known to man. M$ WMV sucks ass. Great shoot, I love Mason she comes like she will die if she doesn't.

29 Jan 2010 thickone wrote: For fuck sake?! M$ WMV is a suck ass video format. MP4 will play back on ANY OS, Phone, Media player... Great shoot I love Mason, she cums like she will die if she doesn't.

28 Jan 2010 jrchico wrote: I guess we won't be seeing too many comment's any more as I doubt if you have many members that will be downloading in mp4.

03/11/2009 - Mason Moore 5 Scenes - 340 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. This week's video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6... This week I got my hands on the sexy Mason Moore and let me tell you she was a great sub. At first glance I wasn't sure if she would be able to endure a SSM shoot, but her willingness to please proved me wrong. I put her and her huge tits through grueling punishment and she was more than willing to take it, scene after scene. By the end of the day she was flogged, shocked, clamped, and forced to cum displaying powerful orgasms...let's not forget the two point suspension that I put her in at the end that she took like a champ...not too bad for a first timer....The Pope

Members comments:
30 Mar 2013 Bob wrote: Great Semi-suspended hogtie! she has such sexy little soles just wanna get my tongue all over them lol! like the bright red ball gag too thats how every captive slave should be, naked, ball gagged, hogtied and barefoot :)

24 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: nice tight body on this model!

13 Mar 2009 Mister Master wrote: Even more proof that Societysm brings out the hottest slaves in the toughest BDSM. Every scene was fantastic and the last suspension was beyond hot. I'm looking forward to seeing Mason more.

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