Maya Bijou Updates

09/30/2017 - Maya Bijou 4 Scenes - 56 Photos - 170 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 56 Photos - 170 Minutes Video

Mark and Maya meet again as he ramps up the intensity for the submissive young lady...In the first scene, Mark shows Maya that each shoot gets tougher as he lays into her ass with a flogger...In the second scene, he invades her ass with a vibrator and then replaces it with an electrfied plug...Maya moans with pleasure...I think she likes it...She is then stretched with TENS on her inner thighs and made to cum....In the final scene, Mark uses a mono electric plug in her ass and another in her pussy...the sensations created by the electrical impulses send Maya into waves of orgasmic bliss when he adds the vibrator...he leaves her bound and wet and panting like a whore...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: MAY_092117

Members comments:
30 Sep 2017 DomMaster wrote: Why cover such a beautiful face? Can somebody explain???

06/02/2017 - Maya Bijou 4 Scenes - 222 Photos - 46 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 222 Photos - 46 Minutes Video

On her second visit, the exotic and lovely Maya Bijou becomes the submissive treat for Mark's dominant pleasure...Maya enjoys the masochism of sexual objectification, but every bottom has their limits and Maya is just as anxious about her bound future as anyone might be...Mark takes his time as he cuts her clothes off and takes control of her...His mission is to get Maya cumming her brains out, taking her past the realm of pleasure and into orgasmic overload, but Maya can cum and cum and cum and love every minute of it...Her pussy can never get enough...And we love that about her...a fantastic model who loves BDSM and takes as much as she is given...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: MAY_053117

Members comments:
12 Jun 2017 cmp wrote: Maya is lovely, great update! The bit where the dildo is stuck in the model's mouth and she is asked to hold it in...either gag her correctly or not at all, please.

03 Jun 2017 Jonasylum wrote: Your dominants make it look so easy, but other sites have a very hard time making scenes with this much authenticity. What's your secret?!

02 Jun 2017 Nixed wrote: I can never get enough of beautiful young women in spread eagle positions! A perfect little body on Maya!

11/26/2016 - Maya Bijou 4 Scenes - 246 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 246 Photos - 43 Minutes Video

It's one of my fondest job requirements...taking a new, young woman and giving her a taste of bondage and domination...Maya has been an enthusiastic BDSM admirer for a long time, and she is excited to get her chance to give it a try...and she hits subspace shortly after being stripped and locked into our wooden really is a blessing since I'm caning and whipping her tits and ass within minutes...Maya responds to pain with every but as much sensuality as a deep kiss, and I am pleased to see her relax into a deep state of submission...It all sets the tone for a great day of BDSM...Everything I introduce to her, is new to her, and almost seems as if she were born into it...Her pussy is responsive and hungry for pleasure...In the end, Maya endures the massive G5 vibrator...i had the feeling she was the type of woman who could enjoy the extreme vibrations....Ogre... ShootID: MAY_112216

Members comments:
27 Nov 2016 monte73 wrote: You don't even know (or maybe you do) what a thrill it is to see one of the hottest new girls in the game on the site; love everything about Maya Bijou and the scene (just--- not to nitpick, but--- what's up with that title?)

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