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02/28/2007 - McKenzee Miles 5 Scenes - 325 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
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Mckenzee describes herself as a 'sassy little frassy'...and what exactly does it mean? from what I can tell, it means a hot, young, chic with a hot, young, chic attitude...Mckenzee is definitely hot and has a beautiful pussy of pure, pink, far as the attitude goes, Mckenzee got sweeter as the Pope got rougher with her...she's a natural slave waiting to be made...and in her second BDSM shoot and experience, the Pope gets her training underway...Mckenzee begins in a tight orange jumpsuit...we tie her into the middle of four uprights using bailng wire around her wrists, thighs and tits...the Pope takes his time getting to know her beautiful body...the ass is a lovely discovery and he swats it before he plunges three knuckles deep into her moist pussy...We spead her out naked in the middle of the room...the Pope goes right for her pussy and before long, Mckenzee is wailing as she quickly has her first orgasm...then she begins to laugh...apparently, her pussy gets very sensitive after cumming...the Pope isn't all too pleased so he pulls her hair back and whips her tits the next scene, Mckenzee is restrained in a spreader bar which leaves her in a hogtie-esque position...her head and mouth are muzzled with a head harness ball gag...He has a great time tickling and torturing her feet with his hands, a spiked wheel and a cane...then it's more attention for that perfect pussy...Mckenzee cums again as the drool flows freely from her mouth...the Pope decides on something a bit more intense as he ties her to a chair and spreads her legs wide for electro shock...vibrating nipple clamps tease her tits as the TENS pads on her inner thighs shock her pussy...This is where Mckenzee starts acting like a proper and good slave even though the vibrator still makes her the final scene, we stretch her young body and the Pope covers her with hot wax and she breathes heavily with anxiety and excitement...then he leaves her with a vibrator tied into her crotch...

Members comments:
17 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Very nice display of Mckenzee's slim and tanned body, and excellent positions in all scenes.

03 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Very excellente

12 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: I loved the last scenes with McKenzee tied down & a vibrator tied to her was so sexy! Excellent! 10/10 :¬ )

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Great pleasure and pain!

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