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05/05/2010 - Mia Lelani 5 Scenes - 400 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
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The return of Mia Lelani...or I should say, the fucking return of Mia Lelani...Mia did her first BDSM scene with us at StrictRestraint under Sir Nik and showed much promise...We had her back to get fucked at FuckingDungeon and she endured tough bondage...and the Pope thought she was ready for a SocietySM, I dont know if she was ready or not...but after watching the shoot, I can tell you, she endured for us once again...Every scene was a challenge for her and it's obvious to see that she felt every moment of what was happening to her...she lingered in submission...she allowed it all to occur and she paid her own cost...and I'd say she reaped the rewards as well...Mia tells us in her interview that she likes to be pushed and tested...The Pope takes that to heart and engineers a series of positions and activities that keep Mia on that edge...damn, it's wonderous thing....OGRE ShootID: SSM_MIA_042210

Members comments:
20 Jul 2010 handles wrote: Orge-It's funny--I can never find anything wrong with anything. I do really like the use of the horse.

06 May 2010 Ogre wrote: Nice constructive comment and a nice idea about the spikes under her feet, on the horse...diabolical indeed! We have more than a few members who supply us with great feedback and I appreciate you all...

06 May 2010 provo wrote: Beautiful woman, particularly lovely fleshtones, and diabolical useof the horse (but why don't her feet leave the ground?) Seems her soles were neglected (and I'll be they're sensitive) and a little too much vibe work for my taste Not a big fan of "when in doubt, vibe 'em out. Use your imagination a bit more put something a little spkiy under her feet while she rides the horse and let her decide how to distribute her weight....

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