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03/06/2014 - Mia Vallis 4 Scenes - 430 Photos - 70 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 430 Photos - 70 Minutes Video

Adorable girl-next-door Mia is fun to torture and loves rope, and who doesn't want to see her tied up? First, we put her in an incredibly uncomfortable position that she has to use all her strength to maintain, complete with nipples clamps and vibrator. She handles it like a pro, chatting with Feenix all the way until she comes for us. Then, she is hogtied, electrified with the TENS unit, and tickled til she squeals with both pain and sheer delight. Sweet Mia is starting to wear out from the torture and the orgasms, but Feenix still has a few tricks up his sleeve. We put Mia in an inverted rig with a weighted, vibrating crotch rope and Feenix uses various implements to redden her beautiful alabaster skin. Finally, she is suspended in a hogtie, leaving her ass and pussy completely exposed to Feenix's whims. Mia finally submits to the pain-and stops talking-as he beats and vibrates her to orgasm... ShootID: MIA_012914

Members comments:
22 Mar 2014 JR wrote: This Mia is a hot one. Especially so with her body wrapped in rope. Great updates all around.

08 Mar 2014 me wrote: One of my favorite updates so far. Feenix is on fire. Thanks once again for adding in some tickling which was obviously great for this sub!

07 Mar 2014 32Greg wrote: The positions in scenes 1 and 3 are very well done. Sexcellent!

12/25/2013 - Mia Vallis 4 Scenes - 643 Photos - 52 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 643 Photos - 52 Minutes Video

There's much confusion in the BDSM world about "bottoms" in's all too often that they are seen as less opinionated, less proud, less powerful...the term does not always imply a submissive mind...but still, they thrive on submitting to the will of another for pleasure...the experience of pain is often much less about endorphins than it is about the bending of the will...having one's will under the control of something one sees as more powerful...enduring pain for it has become a very meaningful expression for many people...How would I describe Mia? Aside from the obvious? The powerful yet lean body of an athlete, with the curves of a showgirl...Polite and charming but not prone to taking shit...she makes a good effort to control her experience as a person...and it does take a lot for her to do so...she needs a serious mind to allow her to turn that off...that and lots of rope and a good amount of pain and control...but when Mia does find her way there, you can tell from after watching the post shoot interview, Mia enjoys the true experience supremely...Feenix demands a new perspective from Mia on this day...cumming is not for's for his control over her...and our viewing pleasure, of course...enjoy the holidays, Ogre... ShootID: MIA_101513

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