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12/12/2007 - Micah Moore 5 Scenes - 291 Photos - 70 Minutes Video
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The Pope finds fresh faced and spunky Micah bound and gagged on the Dungeon sofa. After he rolls her over on his lap, The Pope begins his barrage by spanking her bare ass and fingering her meaty pussy. Then, Micah is turned over to face the ceiling so The Pope can cover her torso in clothespins. Next, the magic wand is placed on Micah's hungry pussy and she grunts her way to a lengthy orgasm... With her legs spread wide, Micah is tied off to the leather bench as The Pope flogs away at her cunt. The flogger is quickly substituted with a wooden cane which, The Pope manipulates across Micah's sweaty, naked body. The electric sizzle of the violet wand echoes off the Dungeon walls as The Pope deftly rakes it across Micah's legs and cunt. As the drool drips from her gagged mouth, The Pope ties her even tighter before he clamps her nipples and dildo fucks her to a state of oblivion. Next, Micah is bent over the bench while The Pope unleashes a flogging flurry on her bare backside. Then, she is vibed to another monumental orgasm while being whipped mercilessly... Riding the wave of momentum, The Pope hogties tattered Micah to a wooden box. Once again his tool of choice is the pole mounted dong. Micah squeals and moans as her Master plunges the dildo in and out of her. The sensations of pain and pleasure are only heightened as The Pope grabs his wand and pushes it against her clit while working the dong. Micah submits to a drenching, squirting orgasm before she is hoisted high in the air... Lying on the bed, Micah is tied and gagged. Clothespins are affixed then suction is applied to her pussy. The vibrator is placed against her cunt again and exhausted Micah cums for the last time and is left alone in the Dungeon...

Members comments:
15 Dec 2007 ChiTown wrote: A great example of how to work over a sweet and helpless bitch!

13 Dec 2007 The Droc. wrote: Looove the flexible girls. I think it would be really hot if you could find one that was flexible enough you could hand cuff her ankles behind her head, and then hand cuff her hands behind her ankles so she would have no choice but to watch as you whipped her poooor pooooor helpless Pussy!

10/31/2007 - Micah Moore 5 Scenes - 407 Photos - 84 Minutes Video
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DungeonCorp and SocietySM present a supernatural bondage feature with 'Ritual Bondage' starring the exotic and lovely Micah Moore...with appearances by Hailey Young, Arachnia Webb and Natali Demore...Micah is a young and curious woman...drawn to a dagger that she found at a flea market, she becomes obsessesed not only with the dagger, but with the murderous sadist to whom it a sexual fit, she decides to summon his spirit back from the dead...the moral of the story is simple and clear...don't summon murderous sadists back from the dead...especially when the ritual involves tying yourself up...Enjoy!

Members comments:
12 Jan 2015 Mike wrote: Love, Micah, but I always get her & Amber Rayne mixed up, one of your best shoots.

07 Oct 2010 Trace wrote: I love all your sets with Micah she is a definate fav of mine cant wait to see more with her. I always have the highest admiration and respect for all the models on the sets you have had hope for many more years

30 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: This is a sizzling hot update, one of the best you ever did. Nice plot, gorgeous models, great scenes. I liked especially Micah putting herself in a naked spreadeagle, Hailey spread out and being flogged, Micah suspended with legs wide apart... you name it. Ten hard-ons out of five for this one!

25 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: What no forced orgasm for Hailey? She must've been frusttrated! LOL

25 Feb 2008 Bad Wolf wrote: Is this on the knief form shadow the movie? Cool!

11 Feb 2008 Ace wrote: Wow, Loved It keep going with stories like this one

08 Jan 2008 charlie wrote: Are there updates for the years 2001-2003? If so, are they going to be published again as I'm sure MANY admirers would LOVE to collect and appreciate these (I know I would, I'm working my way through all of the sites)...even if on a separate archive site??


29 Nov 2007 Donkey Kong wrote: I just joined this website and this is an excellent start. I like the story and Micah is brilliant. The best scene however is the whipping scene with Hailey Young. I really like a beautiful model being tied/chained like this and whipped.

05 Nov 2007 Alfred wrote: Great update! I am a new member and actually this is the first video I have downloaded in the site. What a good video! I love the multiple girls in one scene. I used to be a member of and they do not show multiple girls in one scene anymore. This only scene worth the price of a membership. I hope to see more multiple girls scenes soon.

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Trying to tell a story is always good! By the way, im a totally satisfied cusomer! Perfect work! But how about some older ladies? Not grandmas, but 40+ or something like that! And When will the updates of 2003, 2002 and 2001 be available?

03 Nov 2007 gnomead wrote: excellent

02 Nov 2007 Judderman wrote: This is what we want, gorgeous girls (more than one), actual story line and varied locations especially outside. Great

02 Nov 2007 pas wrote: this set is really great! So please more update with more than one girl.Why not a competition between two masters and their team of nude slaves?

31 Oct 2007 ChiTown wrote: Well done story. Micah is incredible!

31 Oct 2007 yeah wrote: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I am ecstatic, yes I am.

03/14/2007 - Micah Moore 5 Scenes - 215 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
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Micah Moore is a beautiful, young porn to the industry, but making a big splash...her body is long and slender and her ass is perfectly round...Micah hasn't done much bondage before...we had her in for a PerfectSlave shoot and noticed her talent right away...we booked her for SocietySM and she shows up all smiles and ready to roll...We tie her standing, with her arms tied behind her...the Pope comes in to inspect her body and pulls her panties down to rub her delicious pussy...he ties her legs apart and spins her around to spank her plump ass...then he spins her around again and uses the magic wand to bring her to climax...her first of the next scene, we have Micah bundle-tied on a table...her beautiful ass sticks out in all it's glory...the Pope starts with her feet...two TENS pads on the bottom of each foot and he turns up the current...then butterfly pads on each ass cheek...Micah moans, then wails as the current flows up and down...he inserts a steel plug into her pussy and leaves her there to suffer...Micah is then tied out on a table...we pull one of her legs into the air to get good access to her cunt...the Pope uses suction to prime her clit, then he fucks her with a dildo...then it's long minutes withthe magic wand...Micah suffers through orgasm after orgasm as the Pope is relentless with the if she hasn't had enough, we tie her to a chair with her legs spread...a vibrator is tied to her clit and we leave Micah to cum the final scene, Micah is cuffed in the middle of the steel room with her hands above her head....the Pope uses clothespins on each nipple, then he continues to whip her ass...a steel pussy hook is inserted into her cunt and a wieght strung through her collar keeps it firmly in place...he pulls poor Micah into the air by her wrists and leaves her there...

Members comments:
19 Aug 2009 Geoff wrote: Gallery 5 - Vid can only be described as the best full on pussy vibe ever. Had to immediately do something about my volcano. Astonishing!!

19 Jun 2009 woodpecker wrote: Micah is HOT! Especially the last scene! More Micah!

30 Apr 2008 Mark wrote: She hangs so beautifully

13 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: last scene.........WOW!! what a real bondage babe! BRILLIANT! ( :¬ D )=[

04 Nov 2007 Raot wrote: Good one!

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