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12/12/2014 - Miko Dai 4 Scenes - 356 Photos - 65 Minutes Video
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Miko is a bright woman...she earned a college degree and was always interested in the psychology behind sex, power, dominance and submission...In our pre-shoot discussions, I think she began to see how BDSM truly uses those concepts as opposed to just being a strangely kinky activity...I often give the models a scenerio and ask them to derive their own expressions and emotions from within...How would you feel if this were to happen? How would you act in this situation? etc...Miko's interpretation begins with fear and ends in the realization of the power of submission...through her bondage trials and corporal tribulations it is not me who she submits to...submission is to thineself and in that reckoning, there is personal power derived and discovered...Doms are guides and I greatly enjoyed guiding Miko...a very beautiful and expressive face over a fragile feminine frame...It's rare to find any vanilla this comfortable, expressing these emotions....but she cums and wails like she was born into it...Ogre... ShootID: MIK_101214

Members comments:
29 Nov 2015 BFranklin wrote: Lovely model. Where did you get the impact toys?

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