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08/19/2009 - Mina Meow, Soma Snakeoil 5 Scenes - 336 Photos - 64 Minutes Video
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FREE VIDEO PREVIEW. Video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3,4,5 & 6... Soma is back, only this time the tides have turned. She came in a couple months ago as a sub to me for the day and I agreed to let her come back and do what she does best, which is Dominate any sub she gets her filthy hands on. I bring in the sexy Mina Meow, my personal little plaything, and tell Soma to do her worst, and she does just that. Mina is aware of the deal I have made and now it's time for her to pay up. I get her tied down and then bring in Soma and present Mina to her. Mina instantly sees that Soma means business with an assault on her bare feet. Mina endures everything possible, as Soma is going to make sure it was a fair trade, ending with a strap-on scene that proves Soma is a force to be reckoned with. This is truly the hottest girl on girl action ever!....The Pope

Members comments:
09 Oct 2011 STi wrote: excellent shoot

29 Oct 2009 Chris wrote: a nnew action in your site would be if a girl whips another but hard, on a pole. the two could be that pair.

03/19/2008 - Mina Meow 5 Scenes - 202 Photos - 55 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Tied, bound and gagged, Mina is led by The Pope into the dark room. She screams as she is hoisted over her Master's shoulder and recieves her spanking. Her mouth drools as she is fingered by The Pope and then, she is brought to the floor. As her punishment continues, her glowing pale skin is flogged and her twisted Master then brings her to a series of piss sopping orgasms. His naughy little slave is now taught a lesson as she is forced to lick her own piss off the filthy floor... Face down and bound to the bed, Mina feels the force of her Master's flogger once more as it sizzles through the air and snaps upon her flesh. Her skin turns crimson as it is clipped with clothespins. Then, Mina is face fucked by the CumbotĀ©. As the machine plunders her dirty little throat, her ass and cunt are clipped before Mina cums agains... As she dangles from the ceiling, Mina has her nipples clamped and tied. Next, the TENS pads are placed on her body. Mina swings mid-air now as the power runs through her flesh. The Pope has more tricks up his sleeve however, as he applies the magic wand to his slave's sopping glory hole and vibes her into oblivion. Now, we witness The Pope as he dual flogs his slave from behind. As Mina stands with hands tied overhead, her little body flexes and strains as each blow from the floggers strike her flesh. After the two fisted punishment subsides, Mina is forced to a drooling orgasm... Seated on the floor, Mina wrestles in her ties as she is tickled and smacked. When her Master fingers her cunt, he brings his glistening fingers to his slave's mouth so she can sample her juices. With her senses in overdrive, Mina scoots across the dirty floor and licks her Master's boots clean before she is brought to her final orgasm and left to cum by her Master... Videos are in galleries: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Members comments:
17 Apr 2008 AX wrote: Every update just gets better. The girls are tough, the ropes are tight, and the punishment is awesome!

29 Mar 2008 Doomed wrote: Again - too dark... Why don't you make a black screen with some sounds next time?! Really, whi don't you do good light rooms, like in the old times? here 20% of a body is ALWAYS covered by shadow. Someone think it's sooo cool that you do it in EVERY update? I mean 7 last updates are in this dark dungeon, Then we got normal update of Hailey Young, and then dungeons again! Please could you do at least 50/50 dark/light updates, coz personnaly I'm tired of this darkness.

28 Mar 2008 Vulgarian wrote: Love this Biatch

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