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05/01/2015 - Molly Jane 4 Scenes - 402 Photos - 64 Minutes Video
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Meeting Molly Jane can create a challenge for many men...If you can come face to face to her without taking a long look at her huge tits, you're more of a man than I am...or maybe less...none the less, this is a very beautiful young woman with amazingly large breasts for her frame...she may look frilly and fragile, but Molly is somewhat of a tomboy and a bit of a bad ass...she has some personal bondage experience and was very ready for more...she seems a bit shocked at first, when I bind her, but she becomes very comfortable with tough binds...she tends to respond to pain with growls, but always remains a sturdy submissive...and she can cum over and over when tied down and left with a vibrator...although she guards her vulnerability voraciously in her day to day life, we get to see down through a very sexually submissive woman with a passion for suffering and expressing it fully...we would definitely like to spend more time with this beauty on bottom...Ogre ShootID: MOL_042915

Members comments:
06 Jun 2015 XXX wrote: Wow! Amazing body

02 May 2015 RigsterJLK wrote: Excellent Domination and rigging, my friend.

01 May 2015 ThatBondageGuy wrote: Awesome shoot.

01 May 2015 Charles wrote: Best line ever said during a bondage movie: "You are a fucking slut and if you're not, it's a shame".

01 May 2015 SpankOO wrote: One of your best. Molly is amazing.

01 May 2015 RyanSir wrote: What a perfect bondage model. Ogre, you are one lucky man!

01 May 2015 provost wrote: An exceptional shoot! There is something about her lovely face and dramatic but authentic responses to the various positions and treatments.... The breast clamps seemed to get her attention, and the kneeling pose has real promise, from front and rear. for a later visit she'd be ideal for the rack or horse, and I am not certain her soles were tested.

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