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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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03/31/2016 - Cristi Ann 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 54 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 54 Minutes Video

The hard bodied Cristi Ann doesnt know exactly what she's gotten herself into...she sits bound and gagged, as I approach to grope her, and she figures it out...I tell her that she is my whore now, and that I must train her...She's a very sensitive woman who hasnt spent any time in erotic discomfort, but her body is strong and limber...I use that against her, of course, to put her into immobile bondage that pushes her physical limits...and the magic wand pushes the limits of her very sensitive pussy...Enjoy, Ogre.. ShootID: CRI_032316

Members comments:
01 Apr 2016 Zoeller wrote: Stunning thighs and ass! I love seeing them spread so wide.

03/24/2016 - Renee Roulette 4 Scenes - 243 Photos - 45 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 243 Photos - 45 Minutes Video

I'm definitely a fan of Renee Roulette. She is a tiny, pretty woman with a huge sexual appetite who describes herself as a painslut...She enjoys the challenge of BDSM and I can tell you, it makes her pussy very wet...I have a good time, tossing her fragile body around like a ragdoll, before I lock her into steel stocks and lay her down. Her legs are pulled back and tied at the thigh, leaving her pussy wide open for my whims...I continue to bend and stretch Renee, as I pleasure and torment her...For a dominant, it was a field day...intense play with a willing subject who loves to hate it...Enjoy, Ogre.. ShootID: REN_031616

Members comments:
22 Apr 2016 FesslER wrote: Renee is fantastic! This is how my woman of my dreams should look like...

28 Mar 2016 Me wrote: More Ogre please!

25 Mar 2016 provost wrote: One of the very best ever, John! We have much the same taste in women, and this lean, proud, lithe and lovely lass is an ideal playmate for your nefarious purposes. And what a thorough exploration of her beautiful and sensitive body! Please invite Renee back soon for a ride on the horse and a stretch on the rack. By the way, small breasts can be very sensitive.... You're hitting new heights, Mr. O! Cheers to you and to Renee!!!

25 Mar 2016 Randy wrote: Excellent update

25 Mar 2016 ReneeFan wrote: I'm the greatest fan of Renee Roulette. She has a big sex appeal! Her body is perfect. This update is fantastic and her performance is awesome. It's definitely necessary that Rene makes much more shootings.

03/18/2016 - Molly Mae 4 Scenes - 210 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 210 Photos - 63 Minutes Video

We all adored Mollie after her first shoot...such a pristine seeming young woman, she turned out to be quite kinky and submissive...When she showed back up in LA, I couldnt resist booking her again...Simon gets the chance to have his dominant way with Mollie and he plans a tough and sincere day of BDSM for her...Simon has never been a believer in easy submission, as he would rather push the submissive's boundaries to see how they handle a bit of friction...So he makes that his task of the day...He watches over every detail of Mollie's interactions to keep her in place, and only offers her orgasms when she has earned them...Emjoy...Ogre... ShootID: MOL_030916

Members comments:
21 Mar 2016 Brian wrote: Great videos. I scrolled through some of your older flicks, and I really like the ones where the models get their tits licked and pussies eaten. Nothing hotter than a helpless woman spread eagle getting her pussy eaten! Any chance you're going to make more like that in the future?

20 Mar 2016 ButlrButchr wrote: I love to see the blonde girls suffer!

19 Mar 2016 me wrote: This was my favorite update in the history of the sight. So hot. I loved the tickling and how much she hated it and tried to hold her composure.. more of that please!!!

19 Mar 2016 damien wrote: the 3rd movie downloads the second movie there is no third movie

03/10/2016 - Priya Price 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 60 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 261 Photos - 60 Minutes Video

Priya is a very sexy, small woman with huge breasts and exotic looks...I tell her that today is a test...a challenge to see how well she can please me...and she asks what it is that i want her to do...and I tell her...submit, endure and obey...As I tie her up and begin to have my way with her, it seems that Priya is taking the challenge seriously...For a newbie, I put Priya into some seriously restrictive bondage...A neck bending hogtie, a vertical stretch with breast binding, onto her hands and knees to be dildo fucked and spread eagle to be whipped and pleasured...Priya does please me as she expresses the punishments and cums like a hungry slut...Ogre... ShootID: PRI_030216

Members comments:
15 Mar 2016 RyanSir wrote: Those huge tits were just waiting to be roped. Impressive :)

11 Mar 2016 Gagher wrote: The harness gag needs more use! The final spread scene is best.

03/04/2016 - Amy Parks 4 Scenes - 410 Photos - 62 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 410 Photos - 62 Minutes Video

Feenix is happy to get his ropes on virgin skin...the extra soft, caramel skin of bondage newbie, Amy Parks...Amy seems very calm and relaxed in her bound environment, and she proves to be a very willing submissive and all that calmness is just her way of expressing submisison...Feenix tests her with floggers and clamps, and Amy endures with sincere reactions, just as most newbies do in their first BDSM experiences...Indeed, there is never another first time...I believe what Amy will remember most is the orgasms...she comes alive when the vibrator works her pussy...vibrators are another thing that she has little to no experience with, and seeing her deal with those intense sensations, leading her to inevitable orgasms is quite erotic as Amy lets go...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: AMY_022516

Members comments:
09 Mar 2016 mm73 wrote: Gotta love the newbies!

02/26/2016 - Brittany Shae 4 Scenes - 278 Photos - 48 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 278 Photos - 48 Minutes Video

I met Brittany last autumn when she made her BDSM debut with Feenix, and I really wanted to get my hands on her...something about that pretty face, big brown eyes and sweet stayed with me and when Brittany made a return trip to LA, I was eager to book her...She met all of my high hopes and I had a fantastic time owning her...She is naturally sexually submissive and enjoys pleasing her partners...and Brittany is one of those women who can just cum over and over...I keep the vibrator on her sensitive pussy as she struggles to deal with the intense sensations, and the orgasms just roll...Brittany is a very expressive young woman, and I had a hard time deciding whether she looked more beautiful in pleasure or in pain...either way, Brittany is a keeper....Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: BRI_022416

Members comments:
29 Feb 2016 Me wrote: Loved how you snuck in some foot tickling along with the caning, keep that up and you'll have a member for life!

27 Feb 2016 Napoleon wrote: You can never stop making videos because they are the only good ones in existence. Thanks to the beautiful model!

26 Feb 2016 Omnikov wrote: The racking and stretching always add intensity when sincerely employed. I love seeing her body pulled tight.

26 Feb 2016 Dom Dan wrote: Great work Ogre. Great model!

02/19/2016 - L.A. Noir 4 Scenes - 381 Photos - 58 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 381 Photos - 58 Minutes Video

We arent exactly sure how she picked her name, but L.A.'s body is thin and shapely like a tiny feminine flesh morsel waiting to be devoured...I do my best to make her feel devoured...From a strict hogtie to the body bending rigs I create for her, L.A. is submissive and docile throughout...She absorbs pain well without any complaints and I cane and whip her back which really brings out her deepest emotional cues, and makes her pussy very wet. She announces all her orgasms but, one, and I was pleased with his newbie's natural inclinations to sexual submission...Enjoy, Ogre... ShootID: LAN_020916

Members comments:
09 Mar 2016 mm73 wrote: Love this girl, finally found her Twitter page, would love to see more of her, and--- here's why L.A. Noir is simultaneously the best AND worst name I've heard in a minit: 1. It sounds very, very cool; 2. Try Googling it. Really, just try

27 Feb 2016 Knot2nite wrote: L.A. is very cute and would love to see her come back. I appreciate the vids you are creating, but I would like to make a request. Can you show some closer shots on the feet--specifically the soles and toes. I really like bare feet and would like to see closer shots. It's true that most of your models are barefoot and you even do a lot of toe ties which I appreciate. However, rarely do you really zoom in. Can you start doing some zooms even if for a few seconds at a time. I know most members don't have the foot fetish I have, but I'm only asking for a few seconds of zoomed in sole and toe shots in each scene. Thanks

27 Feb 2016 Napoleon wrote: Beautiful model!!! Thanks Ogre you are the best!

25 Feb 2016 Ogre wrote: Yes...Old members who signed up using DHDmedia are now clients. AN email was went to each of these customers, letting them know their new subscription ID. Such emails often get overlooked and trashed. With you must send them an email to cancel. You should explain that you joined using DHDmedia. With that and your full name and username, they will cancel your subscription.

23 Feb 2016 Ogre wrote: Video Clip 4 is now sorted correctly. Thanks

23 Feb 2016 damien wrote: Ogre - your shoots are head and shoulders above the others - the quality of the shoots and the intensity are excellent - the other guys should take lessons - thanks for being the best

23 Feb 2016 Watcher wrote: The 4th video is only available in small format?

21 Feb 2016 provost wrote: Very fine job, Mr. O! I think she could have taken more...perhaps a return visit to explore limits...on the rack? Lovely, lean, lithe body....

20 Feb 2016 KinkyM34 wrote: Every woman should be so flexible. A fine showing of BDSM!

02/13/2016 - Molly Mae 4 Scenes - 463 Photos - 63 Minutes Video
Preview this Update --> 4 Scenes - 463 Photos - 63 Minutes Video

We all see these young and beautiful women in our day to day lives...stuffing themselves into the tightest and hottest outfits they can find...objectifying themselves and loving it...and not realizing how far those pleasures can go....Feenix plans a day of objectification through bound punishment, submissive conditioning and plenty of pleasure overload...Molly has serious interests in experiencing what he has in store for her, and she submits very well from the first minute...Feenix has a field day, binding her lovely little body effortlessly into strict and immobile positions, which gives him access to focus his efforts as he pleases...Molly responds like a perfect sex slave, accepting her punishments with erotic flair and enjoying the pleasure he demands of her, like a well trained whore...Enjoy, Ogre ShootID: MOL_020416

Members comments:
16 Feb 2016 Greg wrote: Ogre, thanks for making this site. We've got the same tastes.

15 Feb 2016 provost wrote: Much, much, much better! Lovely woman, authentic emotions and responses, and an interesting dramatic line as she is led into the experience. A small request: the soles of a woman's feet are quite sensitive and, for some, quite attractive. Why wrap them in rope when you can simply bind her ankles in the time-honored style and have access to this very tender region of the body? But, again, a very engaging session--thank you!

15 Feb 2016 Jarod wrote: To me, it's all about the models and this one is hot!

14 Feb 2016 damien wrote: the updates of late have been less than interesting - very clinical with almost no story - just essentially dry uninteresting bondage with little or no emotional content real or imagined-

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