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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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SocietySM now has 219101 photos and 38618 minutes of video.

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08/16/2004 - Layla Jade 3 Scenes - 346 Photos - 40 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

I thought it was a good day when sooper sexy porn star Layla Jade agreed to do a SSM shoot, but when the shoot was done, it ended up being one of the greatest days of my life...the British blonde begins tied on a bed with her clothes on...ropes constrict her luciously-huge breasts and her mini skirt creeps up as she sincerely struggles...Dustin comes to confront his helpless hostage as he slowly removes her clothes, manhandles and spanks her...Layla is sobbing by the end of the scene, but her day of torment has just begun..Layla is spread on the bed with her hands tied to her thighs and a posture collar around her neck which is tied off to the feet of the bed....Dustin makes Layla suck a dildo, and when she spits it out, he ties it into her mouth lengthwise...the horror grows for Layla as Dustin spreads her perfect pussy with a Lip Loop...six clothespins attatched to her labia which are pulled out and kept under tension by elastic cord...Dustin then applies pegs to her he breasts and enjoys her helpless moans and plays with her exposed the final scene, Layla is hung by her ankles...Dustin first uses a set of steel balls...he pushes them into her ass hole and teases her until he is ready to bring out the vibrator and finally give poor Layla captive Ogre has his own fun with her...Layla is gagged and stands in the center of the room with her hands tied above her head...Ogre enters with a flogger and uses it on her ass and breasts as he pushes her around, manhandles and gropes her up and down...He ties her feet together and pulls her up on her toes...then he leaves her all stetched out and the next scene, Layla is frogtied in a chair...she contemplates her situation as she talks to herself before Ogre enters to gag her with duct tape...he gets right to business applying TENS pads to her outer pussy...he wires her up and begins to shock her...he uses small strips of tape to cover her eyes before he sets up the vibrator on a stand...he pushes it onto her clit and leaves her there to be shocked and vibed...

Members comments:
03 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: Gallery one is like the Dukes of Hazzard......only better (Layla beats Daisy ANY TIME!) :¬] MORE PLEASE! 10/10!!!!!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice resistance!

08/10/2004 - Cloe Hart 3 Scenes - 128 Photos - 56 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Cloe is dragged into the room wearing a cute cop outfit...fishnet stockings, boots and a hat...handcuffs keep her hands behind back as Ogre unzips and pulls down her top...Ogre ties her ankles and knees...then adds a breast harness...her replaces the ball gag with a cloth wad and blue wrap...he lays her down and enjoys groping her...then four clothespins surround each the next scene, Cloe is naked and tied to a chair...hands pulled up and each ankle tied to it's thigh...her legs are pulled apart and she looks helplessly into the camera as Ogre roughs her up...he inserts a metal plug into her pink pussy and she anxiously waits to feel the electrical sting...Ogre turns up the current and Cloe writhes and moans...He taunts her and adds a blindfold....then Cloe is left to endure....then precious Cloe is naked and tied on the floor...hands spread with one foot tied out and one tied up...Ogre enters to further secure her, tying her knees back and exposing her tender young pussy...he uses a suction device to plump it up a bit...then he ties her feet together and partially hangs her, leaving her ass in the air...spanking and flogging ensue as Cloe moans through her gag...In the final scene, Cloe is wearing a lovely corsett and panties...her hands are tied apart to the 4x4 uprights...Ogre stuffs her mouth with a hanky and seals it with elastic wrap...then he procedes to strip and grope her...her legs are tied apart and he flogs her frontside...then the hitachi is tied into her crotch and she is left...

Members comments:
12 Feb 2010 Boots wrote: Great Boots! Keep em on!

16 Jun 2008 Chen wrote: Too bad couldn't find the one of Cloe with Audrey Leigh any more

16 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: Cloe looks really vulnerable & sweet with that blue wrap around gag over her lips.... I love this type of helpless hostage role playing bondage....loads of us do, I'm sure!!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good reactions!

25 Jul 2007 tre wrote: Great reactions by Cloe.Too bad you don't have more videos with Cloe.

24 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote: Well, that just kinda mackes you a dickhead...and stupid and rude...Cloe is fucking adorable.

04 Jul 2007 Kengrad wrote: ugly

08/03/2004 - Anastasia Pierce 3 Scenes - 125 Photos - 20 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

The alluring Anastasia Pierce is in big trouble...wearing only black boots and a slave collar, her arms are tied reverse prayer behind her back... her legs are tied and she is gagged, waiting for Master add to her troubles, she falls off the couch as she struggles in vain to get out of her binds...Liam enters to tend to his slave and he is not happy...effortlessly, he lifts her onto the couch and scolds her for not being where he left her...Liam manhandles and whips Ana as she whines and begs...he continues to verbally berate her as he lifts her over his shoulder and carries her away...Poor Anastasia is rigged for suspension, legs spread and arms pulled over head...Liam hoists her from the ground intending to make sure she learns her lesson for the day...he applies the lip loop to her labia, spreading her lovely pussy as Ana looks down in helpless bewilderment...after a few strokes of the cane, Liam uses the clit sucking vibrator on her exposed sweetness...Ana climaxes with a mix of pleasure and the final scene Anastasia is tied spread eagle on a bed...Liam once again taunts and whips Ana making sure she's gotten his point of total submission and strict a reward for her torments, he inserts a fucking machine into her pussy and turns it on...leaving her there to be fucked until his return...

Members comments:
24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The dildo action slapping is TOP!

07/26/2004 - Sasha Sparks 3 Scenes - 140 Photos - 38 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Sasha Sparks finds herself in a few bondage situations, out of control and at the whims of two different the first scene, the georgeous Sparks is hogtied and gagged, wearing only panties, she mmphs and struggles on the floor...Ogre enters to take advantage of her helpless state...he turns her over to feel her flesh and grope her breasts...he pulls her around and stands her up...then he bends her over a chair...her neck is tied down and Sasha is bent and helpless as he pulls down her panties...he spanks her ass and then brings out a whip to continue her corporal punishment... in the last scene, Sasha is completely roped to a steel table top...her ankles are tied to her inner thighs which are tied spread around the table...her hands are pulled down and her body is tethered around the torso and breasts, which are quite ample and delicious...another rope around her neck keeps her still as Ogre applies clothespins around each nipple...JP enters the scene with a hand-held, machine dildo and inserts into her spread pussy...he rides the trigger as the dildo plunges in and out of her sweetness at ever increasing speeds...then she is tied spread on the futon with a crothrope through her bare pussy...Ogre gropes and flogs her front before the Pope enters to pleasure her...he fingers and licks her pussy and uses an eroscilator to make Sasha cum...

Members comments:
24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good with great table action!

07/19/2004 - Lisa Tyler 2 Scenes - 86 Photos - 26 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Lisa's abduction continues in the first scene as she is bent for some harsh whipping, spanking, caning and breast slapping...wearing a very small, blue bikini she is cuffed with her arms pulled high into the air behind her back...Ogre enters and removes her top...he pushes her around and starts with a cane...he moves on to a flogger as he pulls Lisa around by the hair...he places her in a headlock to keep her still as he swings the whip...In the final video scene, Lisa is tied spread eagle...Ogre removes her bottoms, leaving her helpless and naked...after a bit more whipping between her legs, she is gagged and blindfolded...Ogre uses a hitachi to vibrate her takes a good long time, but after struggles and whines, Lisa climaxes..the last two sets are photo only and feature Lisa in a one-piece, black vinyl outfit...she is roped against a pole, then blindfolded and gagged with latex strips...then a hogtie on the ground, wearing a ball-gag head harness...

Members comments:
25 Nov 2011 Eddie wrote: Hot woman! Nice body! Perfect ass!

05 Mar 2011 johneck wrote: rm is pretty well awful quality and you KNOW that you have put this video elsewhere in wmv format (on other sites) so why the poor quality on the original site??

10 Feb 2008 charlie wrote: L-O-V-E-D the black kinky boots and skimpy outfit.......a pity there are no more galleries of Lisa as she is very beautiful!! Could there be more pics with the slaves bound & gagged in sexy outfits before the REAL BDSM begins as I find this VERY tantalising indeed!!? & maybe a video of the girls talking & smiling about the shoot afterwards (this is really sexy to see a little bit of the model just being feels like you get to 'know' her just a little bit) and flirting a bit? Just a short film.

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good punishment!

07/12/2004 - Darling Sub 3 Scenes - 115 Photos - 30 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8

Darling Sub and Blaze of the Los Angeles based Severe Society join SocietySM for an afternoon of tough bondage and erotic the first photo set, the adorable Darling is chained, wearing a black latex dress...her big blue eyes scream of submission as Blaze adds a head-harness they say, it's hard to kidnap the willing and Darling is very submissive as Blaze strips and ties her spread eagle in the first video scene...Blaze flogs her body from top to bottom, then enjoys her helpless femininity by biting her nipples and groping her the next scene, Blaze suspends Darling in a very tough position with legs spread...the Black Magic fucking machine is used to penetrate her pink the final scene, Darling is tied strapado with a spreader bar between her ankles...Ogre and Blaze give her double ass flogging...then Blaze breaks out some chop sticks for nipple and pussy torture...each supple nipple is trapped between the wooden sticks, and a third set is placed on her clit...Blaze has much fun as he roughly taps the sticks between her legs, sending a painfully pleasure-filled sensation through her naked loins...a memorable afternoon spent with two lovely and sincere lifestylers...then she is shackled and posing with a dental gag keeping her mouth open wide...the next set features Darling being tied on a stool by Blaze...After she is tied, Darling is moved to a table where her frogtied legs are spread...a breast harness holds her lovely breasts and her arms are tied behind her back...Blaze uses a pussy sucking vibrator to pleasure her and then ties a dildo into her pussy...

Members comments:
16 Jun 2008 ZaberFANG wrote: Now, she's bloody hot, she needs more punishment

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Best workout so far!

07/05/2004 - Audrey Leigh 2 Scenes - 80 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

The long and lovely Audrey Leigh undergoes a serious and painful session in this SSM update...the first photo gallery features Audrey naked and posing, wearing only boots and a ball gag around her neck...Audrey is first tied to a wooden frame...ankles tied to thighs, her legs are pulled apart and her arms are bound from elbow to wrist in tight hemp rope...a red ball gag keeps her quiet os Ogre enters to enjoy her exposed flesh...he applies suction to each nipple, and then places a sucker on her perfect pussy...then Ogre brings in a Fucking Machine...he lubes her pussy and the dildo, then places it inside her sweetness...Audrey is stunned as the Fucking Machine begins to slowly work in and out...he turns up the speed and Audrey lays tied and helpless as the device penetrates her faster and faster....In the next scene, Audrey is tied in a breast harness with hands behind back...Ogre comes in to grope her, then cuffs her ankles to a rig....he pulls her into the air and fixes the rope...he spanks her ass, then applies TENS unit pads to her lucious rear...she hangs and screams as he turns up the current...

Members comments:
28 Feb 2009 netalart wrote: what a lovely shot of audreys pussy in gallery 1

09 Dec 2007 charlie wrote: Pics 4, 5 +6 in gallery 4..........Sexsational!!! Black knee boots EVERY time !!

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: The machine fuck scene is great!

06/28/2004 - Scarlett O'Hella 2 Scenes - 87 Photos - 22 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

SSM introduces a new model...Scarlett O'Hella is a powerful and beautiful, soft fleshed the first photo gallery she is tied with hands above head and feet spread by a bar...wearing only high heels, panties and a necklace...the video action begins with Scarlett being gagged...Ogre enters to rip her panties half off, letting them hang as he continues to torment her, grabbing her breasts and slapping her thighs...he applies clamps to her oh-so-supple nipples and removes the shreds of panties...he teases her with a cane and whips her breasts and ass...then a crotch rope keeps her tied to the upright beam behind her...Scarlett struggles in a very sensual fashion...Then she is laid out spread eagle and naked...still gagged, she endures Ogre's efforts to torture her as he ties nooses around her nipples and ties them out to the frame...then a spikey wheel is run over her breasts, tummy and helpless nipples...he flogs her between the legs and leaves her to struggle and whine...In the last set, Trixie and Scarlett are tied...then placed face to face and tied together...

Members comments:
24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Good, but the last movie file is emty!

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