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Beautiful Bondage Slaves
The Most Beauitful Models, Objectified for Beauty, Bound for Control, Displayed for You.
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SocietySM now has 219101 photos and 38618 minutes of video.

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02/28/2004 - Sasha Monet 2 Scenes - 193 Photos - 36 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8 Gallery 9

the uptown, knock-out, bondage babe is back for more harsh treatment at the hands of the first photo set, Sasha poses and effortlessly teases like only she lingerie, a studed collar and lace-up spiked toe shoes...Sasha is then tied on a table...a red ball gag fills her mouth as she struggles to get away...Ogre enters to expose her ample breast...he gropes and grabs as she whines and squeals...he then pulls down her panties for a spanking and completes the the next scene, Sasha is chained down on her back...Ogre ties her thighs apart, and once she is spread and helpless, he lines the fucking machine up between her legs...he lubes her and inserts the pink dildo...soon, the dildo is moving back and forth into her sweetness...she writhes and moans as it gets faster and faster...he leaves her there to be fucked by the mindless machine...the last set shows Sasha having a smoke...a typical activity for such a sexually-bound afternoon...Sasha gets dolled up and dommed in this SSM update...the first photo set features the sexy submissive in a variety of poses...wearing a variety of outfits, these pictures were taken throughout the can ask guest photographer, Natali Demore, it's just hard not to take pictures of Sasha during breaks... the second set of pictures show Sasha being roped by Ogre in preparation for her suspension...The next set features photo and video of her suspended...hogtied, hanging and helpless...Ogre enters to swing her around, gag her and grope her hanging breasts....In the final scene, Sasha is tied spread standing...wearing latex gloves, thigh highs and a corsett...Ogre enters the scene and rubs down her latex parts with oil...he shines her up and then gags her...a vibrator is tied to a stand between her legs and he raises it into her crotch and turns it on...after minutes of struggling and whining, Sasha brings herself to pleasure as she rubs her pussy on the vibrating head...

Members comments:
24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Sche looks good! Good stuff! Videos are where they are supposed to be!

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote:

22 Jul 2007 stick wrote: No videos? This is the scene I wanted and got the membership for

17 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: No Videos again. Why stand at the Top 36 min Video ???????????

12 Jul 2007 East Four wrote: 36 Minutes of Video?

02/17/2004 - Lexi Lane 2 Scenes - 111 Photos - 26 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Lexa and her master, Rene' are both German natives and have a very intense style of play...In the first scene, Lexa is strapado tied and gagged, her hair is pulled up, keeping her in a very strict bent position...Rene' enters to whip Lexa's allready beaten ass...apparently, the couple had put on a live exhibition at the Power Exchange sex club which left Lexa's ass as bruised as I have ever seen..and Rene' doesnt hold back at all...he whips and spanks Lexa hard as she takes it like a true masochist...nipple clamps are applied to her ample breasts and Rene's fingers go prodding into her the next scene, Lexa is tied standing with one foot up...her breasts are wrapped in rope and she is gagged....Rene' hangs weights from her four pussy piercings which stretch her lips and then uses an eroscilator to make her cum....In the final scene, Lexa is hogtied on her tummy and her legs are pulled wide open...Rene' uses a fucking machine from behind and and makes Lexa suck a dildo before gagging her and leaving her to be helplessly fucked...

Members comments:
24 Feb 2008 Mosfat wrote: From what I can talk by looking at only the picture "Gallery", I'm really going to enjoy watching Lexa work. She has the type of look and attitude that make this type film worth watching a friend.

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice breasts! Good end! TOP!

02/08/2004 - Darby O'Riley 2 Scenes - 102 Photos - 36 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6

Darby is back for an afternoon of completely naked bondage and the first scene, it's Darby spread eagle, face up...a dental gag keeps her mouth wide open and a TENS unit is used to shock her pussy before Ogre ties a vibrator between her legs...Darby pulls and struggles but eventually gives in to waves of pleasure...Then she is tied face down spread eagle...Ogre uses tape to keep her quiet as he spanks her helpless ass until it's glowing red...In the next scene, Darby has her wrists tied to her ankles and a red ball gag is strapped into her mouth...Ogre ties her hands and feet up to the ceiling and leaves her there...In the final scene, Darby's wrists and ankles are strapped into a spreader bad as she lays naked on a table...a yellow ball gag fills her mouth as Ogre ties her ankles and neck down to the table to keep her immobile...he peggs her pussy lips with six clothespins and watches as she writhes...

Members comments:
24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: May be a little mor pleasure?

19 Aug 2007 fan wrote: nice girl reacts good although some technics are better in newer shoots

02/01/2004 - Angel Dustrial 3 Scenes - 247 Photos - 42 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7 Gallery 8 Gallery 9

Angel Idlewild is back with her scrappy tormentor, Justin Unwell...we find Angel tied in the empty warehouse...a pole is run behind her back and through her elbows, with her hands tied in front...Justin comes in and slowly undresses the ball-gagged beauty...he gropes and bites and ends up spanking her the second scene, Angel is tied to a table with her legs frogtied and spread...Justin strings her pierced nipples up and procedes to pleasure Angel with a vibrator...In the last scene, Angel is tied on her knees with hands overhead...her lovely-full breasts invite a bit of teasing, so Justin pulls and plays with the strings which are still fastened to her nipple piercings...he pulls her in close and forces her to kiss him....then he leaves her alone and tied...Angel's afternoon of bondage and submission continues as she is tied, bent over a table in the first photo set...Then she is tied on the table on her back...hands pulled and spread, legs tied up in the air, exsposing her wonderful ass...Angel squirms and wrestles in her bonds...her hips are tied to the table to keep her still...Justin enters to dominate and grope her...he walks around her helpless body, taking small stops to spank her ass...In the final scene, Angel's adorable body is naked as she is spread out standing...Justin makes her suck a dildo, then he inserts it into her pussy...he ties the dildo into place and leaves her for a moment...he comes back with a syringe...Angel is worried as Justin walks behind her...he injects her shoulder with some heinous concoction and Angel passes out....her bonds keep her limp body spread in the air...

Members comments:
03 Aug 2016 Sa1xxxxx wrote: WHERE'S THE CONTENT I PAID FOR?

27 Jun 2010 bellylicker69 wrote: Ho ho! Perfect girl for this! Angel rocks... her look, her pale naked body, everything! Love that the stockings and gloves stay on...

27 Nov 2008 Bruno wrote: very good

19 Jun 2008 Damien wrote: Over all my favorite model ever. and such a performance! I only wish there was more.

26 Feb 2008 Ogre wrote: I like your style Charlie...want a job?

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice Variation!

17 Oct 2007 charlie (the Manxman) wrote: bloody videos are in gallery 9 if you can be bothered to bloody well look, mateys. I found them straight away! And I am MANX (not BLOODY English shite) alrighty. Wear your bloody specs next time Mr Bloody Pain-in-the bloody-arse (ass)!Get Stuffed Mr. Fuddy Old Fart!

05 Oct 2007 dan wrote: this lack of video is less than what members paid for ???

22 Jul 2007 Ogre wrote:

22 Jul 2007 tre wrote: Where are the videos?

17 Jul 2007 bmaster wrote: Again noooooo Videos

22 Jun 2007 Old Man wrote: Where are the Videos.

18 Jun 2007 Demon wrote: cant find videos...

01/24/2004 - Sasha Monet 2 Scenes - 84 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Sasha Monet begins tied on a bench...her legs are frogtied and spread, her breasts are bound in rope and her hands are tied behind her back...Ogre gags her and uses clamps on her nipples as Sasha moans and complains...then he breaks out the lip loop...all six clothespins are fixed around her labia and the strings are pulled tight, leaving her pussy wide open...Sasha screams and begs for Ogre to remove the cruel device...he takes it off, then continues to whip he breasts and the next scene, Sasha is bent over and tied to a stool...Ogre spanks and whips her ass, then uses a cane for some painful the final scene, Sasha's wrists and ankles are tied together, then pulled up...she is tape gagged and helpless an Ogre inserts the dildo into her pussy and turns on the fucking machine...he gropes her as the dildo plunges in and out...

01/17/2004 - Lisa Tyler 2 Scenes - 83 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

This update features lucious Lisa Tyler in part one of a two part abduction fantasy...wearing street clothes, Lisa is tied and carried into the scene...Ogre sets her down and goes right to work, fondling and undressing her...he unbuttons her shirt, pulls down her jeans and torments her verbally with promises of never seeing her loved ones again...he unties her and commands her to undress...still gagged, Lisa whimpers in the corner and disrobes anxiously...Ogre enters with a chloroform cloth and soon Lisa is limp and lifeless...he puts her on the table and ties her hands and feet with leather straps...then a ratchet strap stretches her fine, nude she awakens Ogre shoves cloth into her mouth and duct tapes it shut...he has fun as he holds her nose and mouth and watches her struggle for air...over and over again....then he whips her front...lastly, he applies clothespin tripods to her nipples which keep a constant the next scene, Lisa is tied to a torture chair...wearing only a posture collar, her hands are tied behind her back and legs are spread...Ogre uses clamps on her labia and ties them apart, exposing her sweet pussy in all it's open glory...he opens her mouth with a dental gag and blindfolds her...Lisa can hardly struggle as Ogre slaps her breasts and generally enjoys her tormented state...

Members comments:
24 Mar 2012 Bob D. wrote: Whatever happened to Lisa.She was so lovely and so innocent appearing and so delightful in bondage.Anyone know?

24 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Nice Humiliation!

01/10/2004 - Darby O'Riley 3 Scenes - 136 Photos - 30 Minutes Video
Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Gallery 6 Gallery 7

Darby is a super-fine, ultra-feminine bondage specimen who endures tight bondage and true torture in this SSM the first photo set, she poses and shows us her silly and sensual sides...dressed in a black business suit and skirt, complete with hose, garter and thong, she is tied to a pole...bent over with her arms tied strapado...her neck and elbows are tied to the pole keeping her ass high in the air...Ogre enters with a cane and then moves on to a variety of whips, leaving her perfect ass, red and marked...then Darby is tied to a bench, hands pulled over head, ankles tied together, and her body tied down by winds of hemp rope at her hips and shoulders...she struggles to get away, mmphing through a blue ball gag...Ogre comes in to grope her soft flesh, then applies four TENS pads to her stomach...she squeals as he turns it up slowly...then mousetraps on the nipples and a warten wheel stings her breasts...adorable Darby is helpless to struggle as Ogre has his a chest harness, arms bound behind her back and thighs rigged for the impending suspension...then she is completely rigged and hoisted into the air in a flying hogtie...Ogre enters to swing her around and pull her hair...then breaks out the violet wand and shocks her helpless the next scene, Darby is wearing a tight black cat suit and heels...white rope secures her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows and a tight crotch rope completes the tie...Ogre unzips her to grope her breasts and encases her head in red vet wrap leaving her to struggle on the the final scene, Darby is roped to a torture chair...legs apart with body completely tethered....her arms are pulled above her head and secured...Ogre enjoys her velvety flesh and ties some twine through her left pierced nipple...the twine is pulled overhead leaving her anxious and even more immobile...he applies a tape gag and adorable Darby sits still in her fragile predicament to be viewed and enjoyed...

Members comments:
22 Sep 2014 mixxer41 wrote: darby is definitely adorable

13 May 2008 popeye1250 wrote: GREAT model!!! When is she doing more shoots with you guys? "WE WANT DARBY!" "WE WANT DARBY!"

23 Oct 2007 Raot wrote: Anice variation!

19 Aug 2007 fan wrote: nice hot redhead

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